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How To Make Money on TikTok

TikTok has about 689 million active monthly users. That’s astounding considering few people were aware of the app a couple of years ago.

About half of the users are between 18 and 34. They spend hours each day scrolling through short videos for entertainment and to pass the time.

The opportunities to earn money from the platform grow as it gets more popular.

Can you earn TikTok money and make it a nice business for yourself? You certainly can. Want to know how to do it? Keep reading for tips on making money on TikTok.

1. What’s Your Niche?

You need a niche. What’s a niche? It’s a segment of the TikTok audience that enjoys consuming certain types of content.

Some people can’t get enough of dog videos. Others talk about couple goals, travel, health, and photography.

You want to have a niche that’s the focus of your content. Look at other content providers in that niche and see how you can be different.

2. Focus On Content

Before you focus on making money, you have to make sure that you deliver a great experience to your audience. Put all of your attention into creating great content.

That’s what will help you build an audience and make money.

Make your content fun and useful. That’s what will set your content apart from all of the others in your niche.

Helpful and fun content builds trust over time. Post on a consistent schedule and people will trust your brand.

Don’t forget to engage with your followers. Respond to comments in a way that’s authentic.

3. Become an Influencer

Does it seem like becoming a TikTok influencer is out of reach?

The good news is that you don’t need a million followers to make money on TikTok. You can make money with 10,000 followers. Look for brands in your niche with smaller audiences and reach out for promotional opportunities.

Once you reach the 50,000 follower mark, you’re considered a micro-influencer. You can sell promotional opportunities for more money.

Brands like to work with micro-influencers because it’s an affordable way to reach a new audience.

4. Join the Creator Program

Making money on TikTok just got easier. TikTok has a new program to reward content creators for using the platform.

The TikTok Creator Fund is for content creators with 10,000 followers, 100,000 views in the previous 30 days, and produce content within the platform’s guidelines.

TikTok pays you depending on your content, views, and engagement. The fund doesn’t pay enough to leave your job, but it can provide some spending money.

Get That TikTok Money!

You don’t have to be TikTok famous to make money on the platform. You do need to be an expert content creator and build your brand.

It’s possible to get TikTok money as long as you follow the tips in this article. Know your niche and create content consistently.

You’ll be on your way to becoming an influencer with a small and growing following. Head over to the home page of this site for more great lifestyle content.

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