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How to Lock A Door Without A Lock

The reasons for locking the doors may be that you want more privacy or want to secure something valuable next to your door.

Your door lets people enter your home. And it keeps unnecessary people out. But, there are some doors in the house that are not locked. However, there are some methods that you can use to lock the doors. As a result, your doors can give you more privacy or make you feel more secure. Keyless locks are easy to lock, be it is a lockless door. Here are some tips on how to lock a door without a lock. That helps you lock a door without a lock.

How To Lock A Door Without A Lock

All the doors are not locked but sometimes you want to lock your door. Suppose for some reason your door lock is broken, you may need to lock it again. If you want to lock a door without a lock then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you some effective methods to lock the door without any lock.

Some Way To Lock A Door Without A Lock

Block The Door From The Inside

The easiest way is to block the door from the inside. When you use the barricade, you must be inside the home. For that, you have to place the chair under the doorknob. Must need a supportive size chair to fit the doorknob. Tilt the chair behind the door. If someone tries to open the door opposite the chair, the upper part of the chair will hit the door handle. Chair acts as a barricade. Door barricades can fight back violently up to 3000 lbs., which is absolutely proved.

Use A Door Jammer

Door jammers usually act as a barricade. It is best to use it while you are at home. In the market, you can find two types of jammers. So before you go to the market, make sure you know what kind of jammer you need. We will only discuss the door lock bracket jammer. These jammers are made of steel with a plastic coating with rubber. This is 2560 lbs. keeps up the power to endure.

Door Security Bar

In the case of door security bars, we are not just talking about jammers. The security bar we are talking about is a kind of “barricading” process that covers the width of the door to prevent entry.

Door protection bars are connected with high-quality steel bars. This is very risky for intruders. The safety bar is the best device to prevent unwanted access through your door. These types of bars you can install very easily and quickly. This can help you to lock and unlock your doors without bending down.

Use A Portable Lock

A portable lock can guarantee your peace of mind when you are not at home. It can provide extra personal protection without damaging the door or door frame, even on the floor. Some locking on the door must be considered portable locks. We are talking about a lock process like “Adalak Original Portable Door Lock”. You can carry this device wherever you go. The Adalak Original Portable Door Lock is easy to use and install without any tools. This will give you extra protection and privacy.

A Door Wedge Can Help You

Door wedges help to block the door. It usually works like a barricade. It gets stuck when someone tries to open it. It has an alarm that rings when pressure is applied to the door. The alarm helps alert intruders and alerts other neighbors or your estate security team.

When All Trials Are Fail, Use A Sock

This is the least to try to lock the door. This method can help you if you need to lock quickly.

All that needs to be done for this; –

  •         Open the door slightly.
  •         Fold the sock to make a wedge.
  •         Take the sock and place it on the top of the door. Then close the door. (Beware of finger pain)

When the above work is done, make sure that the door is locked properly.

Final Through

Did you read the article carefully? If you read we hope you know how to lock a door without a lock. And have been able to lock doors without locks. Although it may seem impossible to lock a door without a literal lock. Even after that our guide will help you, an affordable and convenient way to lock a door without a lock. The list differs in the application of all methods. So it is better for you to do proper research on it


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