How To Light Up Your Trade Booth & Install Exhibit Banners?

How To Light Up Your Trade Booth

Have you designed and constructed your trade booth layout? If yes, then the next step is to think out the trade booth lighting and display banners. These two things are very important to ensure your trade booth success.

Most exhibitors overlook the importance of lighting systems in trade booth but it is equally important for catching the attention of potential customers. For optimum trade booth lighting, you can take the help of exhibition stand designers.

Here, in this article, we will provide some tips and suggestions to use a different lighting system and banners in your trade booth:

1. Choose the Right Lighting System

The purchase decision of the lighting system also plays an important role in achieving your objectives. You should plan for a customized lighting system so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your potential customers.

The right lighting system can attract the attention of trade show visitors and help you to get a high return on investment. By installing the right lighting system you can easily make your small booth appear larger and also help to highlight your products or services just like in exhibition stands UK.

2. Use Brand Specific Color For Banners

The exhibition stand’s banners help in representing your brand and organization in front of your trade show visitors. Your banners must reflect the values and beliefs of your company. It is very important to choose the right material for your banners.

It leaves a good impression on your potential customers. Write your brand slogans,
display logo, and all other brand-specific items. Make sure your banners create a clear identity and spread brand and product awareness. You can use various creative ideas for exhibition stands banners.

3. Install Bright & Warm Lights

The trade booth can create a welcoming space with a bright and warm lighting system. But, make sure your potential customers do not feel like they are in a police interrogation room.

The bright lighting system will provide good illuminance to the entire booth and there should be no dark area inside the booth. No shadow should be formed by careful installation and adjustments of trade booth lighting fixtures.

4. Optimum Size Of Exhibit Banner

You should wisely choose the size of the exhibit banner for your trade booth. The banners leave a good impact if they are large. But, it is also equally important to design an interesting banner. The good display items on your banner will attract a huge volume of trade show visitors at your booth.

5. Install Spotlights to Highlight

You should install the spotlights in your exhibition stands that can highlight your products. These lights help to draw the attention of your prospects towards your products or services. This method helps you in selling your products and services at a faster rate.

That means you can earn a huge return on investment in just a few minutes. The spotlight not just helps in highlighting your products but also helps in display important elements inside your booth. The spotlights are available in different sizes, styles, and patterns such as freestanding, pole mounted or overhead.

6. Write Few Short Texts

The trade show visitors do not have much time to read the lengthy messages exhibition stand banner. Therefore, you should write precise and concise text. Do not try to fill the entire banner with a lengthy text message.

This may turn off your potential customers. Write appealing text and display it on banners. The text size, font, and color of text should be wisely chosen so that they are visible to the trade show visitors without any problem.

7. Flattering Trade Booth Lights

Your trade booth lights should be attractive so that they can flatter your potential customers. You should not install those lights that give a tired appearance to your booth. There is a wide range of lighting options available in the market.

You can choose as per the style and decor of your trade booth. The soft lighting can catch the attention of people and the bright light can highlight the architecture of the booth.

8. Add Colorful Graphics

The graphics can convey thousands of words; therefore, you should incorporate colorful and attractive graphics in your trade booth banners. The text message can help you to convey the right information. But, limiting yourself to only text messages is not a good idea. Text messages alone cannot create a good visual appeal.

The colors are eye-catching and help your trade booth to stand out among all other competitors. The colorful images are compelling and help you to create a buzz during the trade show. The colorful banners trigger the interest of people and they cannot resist themselves from going inside your booth.

9. Install Lights in Unexpected Area

If you want to build a unique exhibition display, then you should install lights in an unexpected area of your booth. You can install pendant lights at the entrance point of your trade booth. Also, you can install LED strip lights on your product shelves. You just need to think out of the box while installing the lighting system. There are myriads of ideas and tricks to make your exhibition stand unique and outstanding.


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