How to Launch a Ride-hailing App for Corporate Companies?

The advent of technology has taken over all the fields, including the business world. The generation is inclined towards digitization, and ease of access is expected in everything. Availability of services has been simplified by introducing an app for a specific task. There are many apps present in the market currently for services like food delivery, shopping, etc. an app for availing a taxi ride has many advantages. A ride-hailing app for corporate is the need of the hour as it simplifies hailing a cab for corporate employees. The cab-hailing app has captured its limelight after it’s launched because of the demand by many corporate employees today. Now availing a ride has become just a few clicks away.

According to a survey by Economic Times, 57% of the population is preferring hailing a ride to their vehicle. This implies there is no better time to invest in apps for hailing cabs than now. These apps can also be available for common people so that everyone can avail the services. Let us get a deeper understanding of the taxi app, and then let’s see how to develop in this field.

Why launch a Ride-hailing app for Corporate?

Corporate employees tend to move to different places for official purposes. Commuting must not be an issue, especially when they are hustling to get their work done on time. At such times this app comes for the save where one can book their rides from anywhere and anytime, and they need not worry about the availability of cabs.

Let us look at some of the reasons for equipping ride-hailing app for corporate.

Safety of Employees

Employee safety is something that cannot be compromised, and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees when they are out for business meetings or marketing purposes. They need a reliable taxi service for their employees. Also, the company should be certain that their employees could avail a taxi 24*7 without any hindrance of delay or shortage.


Since employees are constantly moving from one office to another in the same city or going to a different city or state, the constant availability of cabs is very important. Also, maintaining on-time pick up and drop is a must since they will be in a hurry to catch a flight or attend a business meeting. All these are met by the taxi app solutions so that the employees need not wait for their rides anymore.


One of the best of this app is its transparency. Before the driver avails the taxi ride, he is provided with details such as driver name, vehicle number, and the amount to be paid. This enhances the trust in passengers and helps to build your business.

Ride Monitoring

The app offers a real-time GPS tracking system that can be used to track where our taxi ride is currently and how long it will take to reach our point. Things can be planned accordingly if we know the time of pickup. Also, there is an SOS button that can be used in case of an emergency. When the button is pressed, immediately, a message will be sent to your family and friends, and also, a message will be passed to your corporate employer.

Features of a Corporate Taxi App Solution

This app offers a wide range of features to make each ride pleasant and comfortable. This app constantly fights with other cab booking apps to stay the best with incorporated latest technologies and upgraded features. Let us discuss some of the best features of this app. Launching a corporate taxi app seems to be one of the safest ideas in the recent market trends.

Corporate Panel

The corporate panel is very robust, and it is one of the most essential features of the app. Using this feature, the client can closely monitor the cabs being availed by the employees. All the transactions made are recorded, and the data is available to the client where they can observe the daily, monthly, and yearly cab bookings by each and every employee.

Authorization by Higher Official

If an employee wants to avail of a cab service, then he/she has to raise a request, and this request is sent directly to the company official. The employee can get a ride from the cab only when the higher official approves his request.

Automated Invoicing

Since the ride bills are automated, this app allows the clients to pay for the bill on either a monthly basis or a daily basis. This app also gives you a notification about the transactions that are pending. The ride-hailing app for corporate is integrated with billing and invoice features. This enables the billing cycle efficiently. Different modes of billing cycles are present for different corporate clients.

Customized Pricing

Each company is assigned its own pricing system according to the size and wealth of the company. For instance, there will come a client who owns a big company and could afford the price range you quoted. But sometimes even the small business clients want to avail our services for their employees so in such situations a separate plan can be offered for small level clients and thereby ensuring no customers are missed.

How a Ready-made Taxi App Solution Helps the Ride-hailing Startups?

When a taxi app is launched, every taxi company’s concern is how it will affect their revenues, their customers, etc. surprisingly, the revenues of the taxi company have increased more than usual after they implemented the app in their business. Many people opt for hailing taxis through the app as it is simple, easy, and is always available. A ready-made solution like Uber clone helps entrepreneurs in launching their ride-hailing application.

The following are some of the ways the taxi-hailing app has helped to enhance a taxi company business:

Fixed Income

Providing corporate companies with taxi services using an app will elevate your profit. In usual cases where the passenger may book the ride and then cancel it for various reasons, which lead to loss of a customer and profit on that day. But when getting a corporate company to be a client assures fixed income throughout the year, a good service must be provided, which gains their trust and decides to continue business with you.

Efficient Management

If having multiple clients, then it becomes difficult to manage their records efficiently. This app allows you to manage the client’s profile individually. The client details are entered when they first become a customer and then can be updated whenever necessary. It also allows to govern the activities of each client whether they are active, pending or exited. The profile can be deleted if the clients decide they no longer need the service.


A good business happens only when the service provided is clean and true to their senses. Though technology has taken over the taxi business to another dimension, striving in it takes constant efforts to please a customer.

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