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How to know it’s time to give your logo a facelift (rebranding)

Giving your brand a new face can be a part of the natural cycle of any brand. But when you need to rebrand your business is the real question. Sometimes we ignore or don’t even notice something is wrong and we need to change due to our busy schedule at work. Or let’s say we do notice them, but the decision to rebrand is not that easy to take. So, how are you going to know that it’s the right time to pick up your phone and call your logo design agency.

What exactly is rebranding?

It is an activity to change the whole brand vibe that how people are going to perceive your company. When you start the process of rebranding, you need to modify everything including your logo, tagline, your brand name, website, and marketing material.

Why do you need a facelift?

What do you think is why any company needs rebranding? There are so many reasons but the most important is that they need to make sure that their customers choose them among all of their competition. Strong brands are likely to draw more customers on each purchase at a lower cost. Want to know why customers become loyal to brands? Brands that provide more profit efficiently and faithfully, produce more and more shareholder value in the market.

But you know that the strongest brands need modification because of the unsettlement of the market. Priorities of customers shift with time and million other reasons that no company can control, a brand can only be fresh for 5 to 10 years. That is the reason why branding can be really important for any business.

10 reasons your company need rebranding

Want to know when is the time to rebrand? It’s different for any business, here are some of the signs that rebranding is necessary now.

Your logo doesn’t reflect your brand vision anymore

The most obvious reason to rebrand is the miserable brand name. It happens all the time. What seemed like a wonderful name 15 years ago can no longer serve it’s purpose because now it doesn’t represent what your brand is all about. At times even the changes in culture can change the meaning of your logo. Eventually sometimes for the next succession of brands, the name of a brand doesn’t feel appropriate.

For any reason, your brand name shouldn’t be a drag on the brand itself. The foundation of your brand relies on a strong brand name. The name of any brand should be unique, memorable, and above all, make you different from others. And for that, you can take help from the logo design agency near you.

You feel embarrassed in handing your business card and website address

This is something we see a lot. It’s probably time for a rebrand if you grimace a little when you grab for your business card, or if your website should come with a note about needing to be updated. After all, if you’re embarrassed about your brand, it’s probable that others in your company are, too, and this can stifle both external promotion and internal morale.

When you’re embarrassed about your brand, it doesn’t always mean you need a complete overhaul. It’s possible that your company’s visual and/or spoken identities need to be updated. A brand refresh is a retooling of your brand’s appearance and feels, which is mostly a cosmetic solution. While it is departing.

You can’t differentiate yourself from the competition

Another sign that it’s time to rebrand is when your company starts to look like everyone else’s. At the end of the day, branding is all about differentiating yourself from the competition. However, you’d be shocked at how few businesses can articulate — or even define — their important differentiators. Besides, if you can’t do that on your own, you can hire a professional from any logo design agency in your area.

Sales and business growth can be difficult if you don’t have established differentiators. It’s critical that your staff and customers both understand why your brand is better than the competition. Everything you need to know about rebranding your company—and how to prevent costly blunders. A rebrand can assist you in identifying and redefining your critical differentiators, such as your competitive advantage.

It’s time to rebrand if your brand has gotten extremely intricate

Is your brand’s experience disjointed or perplexing? Does it feel like a jumble of products with no overarching brand narrative? If this is the case, it may be time to rebrand your company. It’s difficult to keep a brand focused over time, especially in huge enterprises with many stakeholders with opposing interests.

A lack of brand focus, whether the result of unbridled expansion or simply a mismanaged brand, offers major obstacles to your brand’s efficacy. Diversifying their services or outright mimicking the competition is a common tactic utilized by unfocused brands. They’re characterized by a lack of strength or unpredictability.

It’s time to rebrand if your marketing strategy or structure has changed

When your business model or approach changes, there’s another clue that it’s time to rebrand. You can’t always forecast the external factors that will force changes in your firm, as we’ve seen recently. However, if your business model or strategy evolves, your brand must adapt as well. The way your firm is seen by its customers should always be consistent with how it functions behind the scenes.

When it comes to adapting your brand to a fundamental shift in your business, you should start with the basics: your brand compass. Any comprehensive rebrand must start with a clear understanding of your company’s mission.

Your brand has outlived its usefulness

It’s as simple as understanding you’ve outgrown your brand to know when it’s time to rename your company. Even though you’re rigorous about product marketing, you’ll eventually surpass your brand’s initial shape. It isn’t a problem of if, but rather about when. You don’t have to get rid of all of your existing brands while rebranding to accommodate growth. While your brand is sure to have flaws, it is also likely to have strengths that you should continue to use in the future.

Our Brand Report Card tool, a simple way for you to assess your brand on 10 criteria shared by the world’s strongest companies, is one of the finest ways to measure those strengths and weaknesses before you rebrand. You can ensure that your rebrand is laser-focused on areas where your brand is faltering while boosting the areas where it shines, with the help of the Brand Report Card.

you’ve relocated or developed outside your original area

If you’ve moved or expanded beyond the city or state where your firm began, that’s another clue that it’s time to rebrand. When faced with expansion, regional businesses are frequently forced to rebrand. Don’t worry! the logo design agency is here for you. A rebrand will almost certainly be necessary if your brand’s name is linked to its birthplace. Irrespective of your premium brand, expanding into new territory will always bring in new clients with previously unidentified demands. Client research is the only way to understand new customer needs.

In-depth customer research, as the backbone of a complete rebrand, allows you to identify the unique challenges faced by the audiences in your freshly designated area. Customer research findings ensure that your redesign is not only an imaginative activity. But rather a real proof plan adapted to the individual of a specific target group.

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