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How to Improve your Hospital Accounts Receivable Collections

Hospital Accounts Receivable

Reducing challenges with payments is a critical area if you are a hospital provider. One of the biggest issues that need address is the way front office verification, submitting claims according to timely filing limits. However, lack of experience especially with the resources that handle pre and post-medical billing creates a piling backlog of hospital accounts receivable buckets which are a major problem spot.

The immediate nature of the patient care efforts makes it quite impossible for you to manage front or back end work the way it should be. Finding quality resources that know how to bring back the money on time can be a hard find. If you find someone that knows how to eliminate your pain areas in practice management, it will be a worthwhile effort in the long run.

What makes GoTelecare special

Over the last decade, we have extended our reach as a complete healthcare revenue cycle management company. We know how to drive your reimbursements and offer you a desirable action plan that helps you eliminate your challenges with denials, underpayments, and appeals. Our complete action plan will give you a genuine reason to hire us for creating a streamlined approach to collect your hospital accounts receivable.

Our standards of productivity are priceless. As we understand how to offer you customized support, tailor-made to meet your specific practices in place. We are a next-gen medical billing company excelling in offering support in the verification of eligibility, checking the prior authorization, submitting claims, managing denials, and collecting the aging accounts receivable.

We have experience in eliminating gaps by making your front end clean. Our team has an extensive understanding of the UB-04 form and know how to drive your payments in the best possible manner. Looking to know more about how we make sure that you are rest assured with your payments, we are just a call away. Leverage the GoTelecare advantage and let us drive your ROI. Our team is just a call away from you!

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