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How to Improve SEO on WordPress? (21 Tips to Rank High on SERPs)

How to Improve SEO on WordPress? (21 Tips to Rank High on SERPs)

If a Website Exists on Google, then the most critical question comes to mind – How can I rank my Website on Google?

And if you’re someone who wants to rank your website on Google, then we’ve some working Tips for your website that can help you to get a better ranking on Google. In this article, we’ve covered 21 Amazing Tips that can help your website for better Ranking. 

All these Tips are Self-tested and results-oriented. So, without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

Now we’ve focused on the Top 21 Tips that you can implement in your website for Ranking:

#1 Find Niche Topics

Make sure you’re working on a Niche. Because when you’re writing One Niche articles, Google will start noticing your website as an authority that mainly focuses on a single niche. And then Google started to Recommend your website on that particular Niche.

So having a Single Niche website with Similar Topics can help your website for better Ranking and Building Authority in the Market. For Ex- Digital Marketing is your Niche now; you need to write Articles only based on Digital marketing niches like – How to learn Digital Marketing? or Digital marketing growing? And many more.

And Suppose you’re stuck in How to Find related keyword topics for your Niche. In that case, the Best way to find is by using the Google Keyword Planner tool where you’ll see so many keywords as Topic for your website, Or you can use Google Search related Suggestions as Topic for your website. 

Another Best Way to Find a topic is – Find your Competitor’s Topic on that Same Niche and Start Writing. 

#2 Utilize Keywords

If you’re Analysing nowadays – You’ll see that Google starts mainly focused on Long-tail Keywords means if you’re writing Articles on Long-tail Topics, then there are more chances that your articles can be ranked by Google first position. 

It’s an Amazing Tip that can change your website Performance if you implement it. So now it’s time to Find Long-tail Keywords for your website and Start writing Long keyword Articles and see How Google will start noticing your website for Ranking. 

Some Inside tips for using Long-tail Keywords: Make sure you’ll place the keyword in your Content’s title because this is the first thing Google notices in your website, and try to implement a Keyword in the First 100 Words content.

How to Improve SEO on WordPress? (21 Tips to Rank High on SERPs)

#3 Create Buyer Persona

When you have a Buyer Persona, you can better understand what your audience is looking for. What is the need of your Audience? Which Content do they like the Most? 

When you start putting yourself on the buyer’s side, you can better understand what you can deliver to your Audience.

#4 Publishing Long Content

Those who follow this Tip get A New performance because it’s a beneficial tip for nowadays Blogger that you need to write Long Content for your website to help you better Ranking.

Google now mainly focuses on – Long Content, which means if you have Content on any Topic and Explain Well, then Google sees it’s an in-depth article, and Audience should read this. That’s why Google will give Ranking to this Article.

So if you want to see your Article in the First position, then my Suggestion is to Start writing a Long Content Article for better Ranking.

#5 Increase Page Loading Speed

It’s a Fact if your Website speed is Slow, you’ll never rank your Article, and if you’re facing this Low loading speed, then it’s time to Increase your website Speed so that it can be beneficial for your Content.

If your website loading speed is high, then higher chances to Get a better Ranking on Google first position.

#6 Optimise Images

Another factor is that your website can be slowed down, i.e., Images means if your website takes more time to load high-quality images, then your website can be drunk by Google. But suppose you were optimizing your Images on the website and decreasing the Size without lowering image quality. In that case, it’s a higher chance that you’ll get a Ranking without reducing your website speed.

There are so many Plugins and tools available for optimizing your website Images. 

#7 Increase Dwell Time

If you don’t know about Dwell time, it means it’s an amount of time between Click on Search Results, and Return on SERPs called Dwell time.

Because Google is focused on these factors in your website to give you website Ranking.

There are some ways that you can implement:

●    Rich Multimedia Experience: In Your Article, make sure you’ll use so many different types of Media like – Videos, Images, Audio, Diagrams, Charts, and many elements as you can or as necessary in your Content to showcase.

●    Include Lots of Sub-headings: When you include so many Subheadings in your Content, Google will start noticing that it’s easy to read Content. 

#8 Reduce Bounce Rate

The Bounce rate means when Visitors click on Your website link and then immediately go back to other websites; that’s called the Bounce rate. And make sure your Content is So Eye-Catching and valuable that you’ll see significantly less amount of Bounce Rate.

Because Google will keep Analysing your Website Bounce rate, and if it shows high, then you’ll Lose your Ranking on Google.

So make sure you’re Creating Content that’s Useful, Eye-catching. But we’ve some fantastic tips for you so that you can immediately decrease your Bounce Rate. 

● Professionals widely use these tips – You can Add a Popup window when Visitors are trying to go back to another page and when visitors see a Popup page, they’ll spend some time, and You’ll see Different results this time because now your bounce rate is less.

#9 Increase CTR in SERPs

CTR is most important in your website, and if you want a Higher CTR, then there are some significant factors you need to keep in mind for better results.

These are some Major Factors:

● You need to Create Content with Featured Snippets, And when Google Recommends your featured Snippets at the top of searching, Your CTR will be High.

#10 Optimize URL

A Short and Simple URL is always preferable from Google, and if you want to come Infront of the Google searching list, you need to optimize your website and Make it short and straightforward. 

And if you think what’s the issue of having Big Url and How Short URL can be beneficial, then see this ex-

● Https://

● Https://

When you compare these two URLs, I’m sure the 2nd one is better, so having a Short URL is more beneficial for you.

#11 Utilize the “Skyscraper Technique”

When you’re using Skyscraper Technique, it’s far better to collect more links and boost the website’s performance.

It’s all about finding the Best Article that performs best.

#12 Outreach

When you publish your article, then it’s just a Half SEO done by your side, but you need to understand that having Content is not only the way to get Ranking you need some powerful Backlinks for your blog so that you’re able to rank on Google and for this Outreach is the best way.

These are some fantastic Outreach Methods for Backlinks:

● When you shout-out about the company, then there are chances to get Backlinks from their website

● When Blogger compliment others Article this is also the best way to get Backlinks

#13 Utilize Link Reclamation

When you drop your content link to others websites or platforms, this gives you Amazing results because now you’re building Backlinks yourself. And If you’re looking for Backlinks from companies, then the best way to approach them is through the Mails and ask politely to get a Backlink.

#14 Write a Guest Post

Another powerful and most important way to get Backlinks from almost any website you want is by Creating a Guest post for websites. When you create a Guest post and drop your link in that guest post, you’ll get a backlink for your website.

#15 Using Social Media for Sharing

There are so many websites getting traffic from Social media, and this only happens because they’re continuously Sharing their Content on Social media platforms. 

When you actively share your website content on social media, you’re getting traffic and a Targeted Audience. 

There are so many platforms you can use:

● SlideShare

● Scribd

● Pinterest

● Social Media platforms (Fb, IG, Whatsapp, Linked In, etc.)

#16 Optimise for Voice Search

According to Google, In the upcoming future, most of the articles will be searched by using Voice commands.

And you need to Ready your Content to be Optimised and search through voice. And if You’re looking for some ways to do it. Here it is:

● In your content work on Queries like How-to or How many?

● Optimize your website and content for local search results

#17 Refresh Your Content

This is the most common but effective way to keep in your position, i.e., refresh your Content. When you start updating your Content after some time, your Article builds authority, and Google always tries to Rank your Content.

#18 Pick a Theme that optimizes for SEO

When you pick a Theme, make sure it’s easy to Optimise. Most WordPress users don’t know that choosing a theme is also so important in SEO optimization.

#19 Use SEO Plugin

Yes, you’ll need to use an SEO Plugin for better Optimization of your websites. There are so many Plugins and tools that help you and guide you on what you need to implement in your website for better Optimization.

#20 Create a Sitemap

A sitemap is necessary for ranking purposes. If you’re a New in Website or Experienced, one Google will constantly Analysing through Sitemap and the best sitemap you’ve better Ranking you’ll get. So make sure you’re Creating a Sitemap for your website so that Google will analyze deeply and optimize it.

#21 Use Responsive Design

Having a Responsive website is necessary nowadays because most users are using Mobile phones and having a mobile-friendly interface of your website is necessary for better Optimization. So try to use the Mobile-Friendly Interface of your website for better ranking on Google.


We’ve Listed Top 21 ways to Optimise your WordPress website for SEO. When you implement these ways in your website, you’ll surely get effective results. After reading this content, I hope your website is ready to Optimise and get a better ranking on Google fully.


Dilip Tiwari is an SEO Expert at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a web development company in Atlanta. That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

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