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How to Import EML Files to Thunderbird Directly?

Are you looking for a way to migrate EML files to Thunderbird mail? Well, you’ve arrived at the right website today. In this article, you can learn how to import EML files to Thunderbird using a technical approach. This method is perfect for those users who want to transfer a huge number of EML files to Thunderbird in a convenient manner.

EML is one of the popular file formats that is used to display a single message. In addition, many email services, such as Windows Live Mail, support the.eml file format. However, several users report having issues while importing EML messages into Thunderbird. As a consequence, we developed this blog after understanding the users’ situation. Furthermore, in this post, we’ll teach you how to quickly convert EML to Thunderbird without any hassle. But first, let’s take a real-life situation to get a deeper understanding of the problem.

User Queries

“On my Windows Operating System, I’m going to open and review a large number of EML files. I am using both Outlook and Thunderbird email clients. But, Outlook does not accept EML files, the only way I can open and read them is to transfer them to Thunderbird. However, I was unable to find a reliable solution for my dilemma. Is there someone who might assist me by recommending an appropriate technique?”

“I wanted to transfer some emails from a Mac to Windows machine, so I saved some emails in EML format on Mac. Now I need to open these files in Thunderbird, but I don’t know how to do it. I tried this last week but still does not find an appropriate solution. It would be extremely helpful if anyone could tell me how to Import EML files to Thunderbird.”

Best Solution to Move EML Files to Thunderbird

If you also face the same challenges then, try EML to MBOX Converter software. This is a reliable toolkit that can easily transfer or import EML files into Thunderbird account. It is a powerful utility that solves the EML to Thunderbird data migration issue in a couple of seconds. With the help of this software, users can conveniently import EML files into Thunderbird in bulk mode. It also has a simple interface that anyone can use without difficulty. This is a self-contained utility that does not need any other installation to function properly.

Step-By-Step Guide to Migrate EML to Thunderbird

Follow the below steps to import multiple EML files to Thunderbird account without any extra efforts:

  • Download and Run the software successfully and click on the Open tab to start the migration process.


  • Now, choose an appropriate option to load EML files to the software screen by clicking on the Select Folder/ Select File option.

Select Files… or Select Folder…

  • After that, the software will display all the .eml files to the software panel, choose the required file.


  • Next, choose Thunderbird as a file saving option from the drop-down list and pick a desired location to save the result.


  • Finally, click on the Convert button to start the EML to Thunderbird migration process.

Importing EML to Thunderbird directly

  • Open Thunderbird to read.eml files after you’ve finished the process.


So, this is the complete process of the suggested software through which you can import EML files to Thunderbird account directly.

Best Features of the Suggested Software

  1. The EML to Thunderbird converter has two choices for selecting.eml files and folders.
  2. This software allows you to migrate EML to Thunderbird without any restrictions.
  3. While transferring EML files to Thunderbird, the tool retains all email elements, including attachments, subject, headers, and more.
  4. The EML to Thunderbird converter is available in a range of foreign languages that allow users to use it in their native language.
  5. This tool permits you to perform bulk migration of EML files into Thunderbird which helps you to save time and effort.
  6. This EML to Thunderbird converter operates on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  7. The EML to Thunderbird tool comes with a free trial version that can be used to test the software.

Frequently Asked Queries

  1. How to import EML files into Thunderbird?
  • Run the software to import EML files to Thunderbird.
  • Choose the appropriate option to load EML files.
  • Now, select Thunderbird as a saving option.
  • Pick a desired location and click on the Convert tab.
  1. Is it possible to import a large number of EML files into Thunderbird?

Yes, it is possible to import a large number of EML files into Thunderbird without any size restriction.

  1. Does it possible to run the suggested software on Windows 10 Operating System?

Yes, of course, you can easily run the software on Windows 10 as well as other versions of Windows OS.

Final Words

In the above section, we described the best solution to import EML files to Thunderbird account without losing a single bit of data. There are numerous software in the marketplace for the same process. But, the only thing which makes the suggested software unique, that is its robust feature. It provides several advanced features that help increase the performance of the software. Users can import all EML files to Thunderbird with a single operation.

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