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How to Import EML Files into Gmail ?

When you attempt to send out an email in Gmail that has EML document name extension, the file doesn’t move into it. The appropriate response is straightforward, Gmail doesn’t have any Import highlight that can transfer documents having EML extension into the email account. But, such can kind of EML files can be easily opened in Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Internet Explorer and you can undoubtedly see its email message.

Does Gmail Imports EML Files ?

In today’s scenario, almost every email application has a built-in export function. The adage of this element is to convert email messages over a specified format into an ideal location. This exported email document can either be used as a backup record or utilized to import into multiple applications. In other words, this export option empowers specific applications for a similar email message.

In addition, many email clients display this option and have the ability to export messages in an EML format similar to Thunderbird. Further, EML is a file format used to address a solitary email message in which the total message includes entity, email address, header information, timestamps, etc.

In any case, when we consider importing EML files into Gmail, it appears to be unimaginable work for some users. Since, unlike these applications, Gmail does not include an import feature. This means that Google Mail does not allow you to import any EML document. In a true sense, this methodology to upload EML to Gmail is overwhelming in the event that you have no clue about the solution. Fortunately, strategies exist that allow you to open EML files in Gmail.

Along these lines, in this article, we will reveal to you how to safely import EML to Gmail account.

EML to Gmail Importer – Error-free Software

The EML to Gmail Converter is an automated professional tool that allows to open eml files in Google Gmail. This software is simple to use with robust functionalities. You can choose selective filter options of this EML to Gmail importer tool for uploading specific EML files in Gmail account.

The application supports EML files of multiple email clients like Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client, Zimbra, Zoho Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, DreamMail, Zarafa, The BAT, etc.

You can enjoy unlimited conversion of EML files in Gmail account with this software. But, before that you can try the software features and working with the free demo version.

Here’s the download link of EML to Gmail importer tool:

This tool comes with an amazing set of functionalities such as the ones mentioned below:

  1. It allows to directly import EML to Gmail without the involvement or installation of any external app.
  2. The EML to converter provides dual options for loading EML files or folders into the software kit.
  3. Throughout the process to open EML file in Gmail, the utility keeps intact all email properties.
  4. It also maintains the original folder hierarchy during the import of EML files into Google mail.
  5. Users can even import EML files to G Suite Business account directly with this software.
  6. The tool grants to batch migrate EML files in Gmail account in a single round of processing.
  7. Along with emails, this application will open EML attachments in Gmail tool.
  8. At the end of conversion, it creates a log report that comprises each detail of the process.

Complete Methodology to Import EML Files into Gmail Account

Follow these steps to open EML file in Gmail:

  • Download and run the EML to Gmail converter on your computer.
  • Now, select the folder having *.eml/ *.emlx files from your machine.


  • Then, mark those folders whose data you wish to open in Google mail.


  • Thereafter, go to the saving options list and choose Gmail from it.


  • Enter the account login details of Gmail and hit on Login button.


  • The process to import EML to Gmail started successfully.


  • At the end of conversion, you will get a conversion completed message.
  • Now, login to your Gmail account to view all EML messages.


Over to you

It is certain that if you have used email services like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express then surely you must have saved EML files in your system. But, when you want to open EML files in web-based clients such as Gmail, then problem arises. But, don’t panic! In this write-up, we have covered all important steps required to import EML to Gmail account. Now, without any trouble you can open EML files in Google Gmail.

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