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How to Hire a Mobile App Development Company?

We’re renowned as one of the best mobile app development businesses in the mumbai. As a result, we recommend that you employ our firm for your app development needs. However, we understand that selecting an app development business can be difficult, particularly if you have never done so before. As a result, we wanted to write something that would assist you in making a decision.

Ask the nine questions we addressed below to app developers when you find them. This information is necessary for selecting the best company. Make sure to ask these questions to any possible app development business. If the answers satisfy you, you may have found the perfect firm.

1. Can you provide some examples of mobile apps you’ve created?

The portfolio of an app development business is the strongest indication of its abilities. Before you engage an app development business, consider the app’s design as well as its development difficulties. Users will fall in love with your app if it has a great design and a great user experience. Here’s where you’ll find our great app portfolio.

2. May I see a list of your prior clients’ references?

It’s crucial to know if prior customers were pleased with the service. Request at least 2-3 reviews from prior customers from the company. We’ve only recently begun gathering feedback from our customers on this page. This website’s reviews are confirmed over the phone. This means that anybody who posted a review got a phone call from confirming the review’s legitimacy.

3. How will communication be handled during the mobile app development stage?

A project’s success hinges on its ability to communicate effectively. When you start a project with The Yellow Strawberry, we connect you to our project management system. You’ll be able to communicate with everyone on the team, including project managers, designers, and developers. You’ll get updates with fresh screens virtually every day during the wireframes and design stages. You can communicate with our team in real time and request adjustments as soon as feasible. We’ll link your phone to our testing server during the development stage, in addition to staying in touch with all team members. You will receive fresh versions of the software via our server, which you will be able to test on your phone. We are always available for calls and meetings at our office, in addition to communicating through our system. If you’re looking for a mobile app development, ensure sure they have a smooth communication method.

4. Will I be able to own the app’s code?

You must, without a doubt. We are opposed to some developers’ practises of charging more for source code ownership. That doesn’t make any sense. It’s all yours: the concept, the software, and the code.

5. How can my app generate revenue?

This is likely the most crucial question to ask yourself while developing an app, and an app development business should be able to provide an answer. Developing an app entails creating a company. It’s a hobby if you don’t know how you’ll generate money from it. You may make money with your app in three different ways.

To begin, levy a cost for downloading the mobile app.

Advantage: You get paid as soon as a consumer downloads your software.
People are less eager to pay for an app before trying it, which is a disadvantage.
Disadvantage: The freemium model is the second, the software is free to download, but you charge the user to unlock certain features or content.

Advantage: the number of users who can download the software is increased.
Disadvantage:  The app will most likely only be paid for by a small percentage of all users. The third option is to display advertisements within the app.

Advantage: You still get the maximum number of users, and they have access to all material.
Disadvantage: Ads may annoy consumers, which detracts from the app’s overall experience. They may even leave negative reviews if it is set up incorrectly.

6. How will you put my software to the test?

App testing is an important part of the development process. We test your application on a regular basis once we begin development. In fact, we devote another week to testing alone at the end of the development cycle. During the development phase, you could download the app and try out the most recent version.

7. Do you intend to submit my software to the app stores?

You’ll need the assistance of an app development business to submit your app to app stores. Furthermore, they must ensure that it is accepted. Your app does not exist for anyone but you till you submit it. It is undetectable. Of course, we’ll submit the app on your behalf. We’ll submit your app to Google Play or the Apple App Store and take you through the approval process.

8. Do I have to pay the entire amount in advance?

No way! The payout is broken into four milestones in The Yellow Strawberry. When we start the wireframes, for example, you only pay for the wireframes. You don’t pay for the design until you approve the wireframes. We begin actual development after the final design is completed and authorized. We request that you pay only 75% of the development cost at this time. Only after you approve the final app will the remaining 25% be paid. You won’t have to pay the entire money up front with this payment arrangement, and you’ll only release the final payment once you’re satisfied with the final product.

9. Can we meet in your office to talk about the app?

Often, describing your idea in person is the most effective approach to convey it. You are invited to visit our office or our team will visit your office, even we can do google meeting at some stages. In fact, about 90% of our customers are from other states.

Naturally, the epidemic has left an indelible effect on our lives. Because of the digitalization of business procedures, we are able to establish full-fledged communication even when we are on opposite sides of the country.

We are pleased to communicate with you via email (, phone (+91-93722-29746 / +91-70218-44116 / +91-79058-09105), or Social Media Handles. When the project begins, we’ll connect you to our project management team, where you’ll be able to communicate with any project team member.

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