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Regarding search engine optimization, how a website deals with out-of-stock pages and sticks to best practices is critical to the success of both the user experience and the site’s rankings. Bounce rates and user engagement both suffer when there are many pages that users cannot access. It may be difficult to maintain inventory for a large e-commerce company, so we frequently encounter product pages for items currently out of stock when shopping online.

According to Google, a website’s bounce rate is calculated as the proportion of sessions in which visitors did not navigate beyond the homepage.

So, let’s learn how to handle out-of-stock pages in a way that is good for search engine optimization and the user experience.

Out-of-stock items can be encountered in three different situations:

  • Product is no longer available.
  • The item is now unavailable, and the store does not have a date for when it will be restocked.
  • The item is temporarily out of stock, but stores know when more will arrive.

How to Create an Effective Out-of-Stock Page?

Suppose you know a product will never be restocked, but you have a page for a similar or identical product. In that case, you should change the internal links and XML sitemap simultaneously as you permanently redirect the out-of-stock to the new page. 

Suppose an analogous page cannot be found. In that case, it is OK to return a 4xx status code and redirect users to a personalized 4xx page that informs them that the item they requested is now unavailable and suggests alternatives.

It is recommended to send a 200 OK response code and a page explaining to customers that the item is currently out of stock if a bespoke 4xx page cannot be served. To keep visitors interested, suggest similar products. After that, you should delete the URL from the XML sitemap and any internal links that go to it. It will prevent human users and search engine spiders from accessing the website.

Structured data should be added to the website to let consumers and search engines know that the item is now unavailable for purchase.

Guidelines For Creating Out Of Stock Pages:

There are instances when a certain item is temporarily out of stock, but stores know exactly when more will be arriving. The store probably doesn’t know when the item will be restocked. In these situations, it is crucial that the intended message reaches the consumers without negatively impacting the page’s SEO.

#1. Structured Data

Keeping a website online with a 200 OK status code when you know the product will be available soon is a good use of structured data. Nonetheless, you may have the product availability facts show up on the SERP along with other product details by using product structured data markup on the out-of-stock page. The availability of items may be checked out in advance of a visitor visiting your website.

#2. Seasonal Page

The purpose of a seasonal page is to increase conversions at a specific time of year. Seasonal pages are created as part of an overarching marketing plan to increase visits and sales during peak holiday seasons. A few examples of sales centered on certain holidays are the Black Friday sale, Valentine’s Day offer, the Fourth of July sale, and so on. As a result, maintaining such pages throughout the off-season has become the primary problem. Should we just wipe these pages every year and start fresh? In a word, “NO.”

Serving 200 OK status codes year-round and reusing the pages each year is the ideal solution for seasonal content. During the off-season, you should also hide the seasonal sections of your site’s navigation and delete any internal connections that go there. If you expect visitors to these sites, you should provide them with up-to-date, relevant content, clear navigation choices, and personalized messages. Backlinks are also one of the most effective E-commerce SEO factors to boost your website ranking. For getting top quality link building services to your E-commerce website, you can visit JetRanks page. 

#3. Pre Orders

Taking pre-orders from interested clients is a fantastic method to boost sales. Pre-ordering can keep buyers who would have gone elsewhere looking for the product even if it isn’t yet for sale. By taking pre-orders, you can guarantee that your goods will be ready for shipment at the designated time.

#4. Show Clear Message

Make it obvious to your customers that the product is now out of stock but will be available shortly. Specify how soon they may expect to get the merchandise, if at all feasible. This is helpful since visitors usually won’t interact with the page until further information about the product is made available.

It’s also helpful to tell them why the product is out of stock and what you’re doing to get more of it in stock. Notify the customer if a certain option (color, size) is now unavailable.

#5. Email And Push Notifications

let consumers know when a product they’re interested in is going to be restocked by sending them an email. When the item is back in stock, the store has a better chance of making a sale. If you stay in touch with your best clients, they will be happy to make another purchase.

#6. Product Suggestions

If a product is temporarily out of stock, we may still increase our chances of making a sale by suggesting alternatives. A shop will stock many options in a given category so that they may provide customers with a choice. Customers who didn’t acquire the desired item may discover what they need in the “Related Products” area.

Reduce visibility by placing out-of-stock items further down on product detail pages. This improves the items’ discoverability by consumers and search engines alike.


Search engine optimization (SEO) inventory management is vital since it affects user experience, traffic, and conversions. Keeping customers interested when there are thousands of things to choose from is a significant issue for large online businesses. They can improve inventory management to lessen the number of unavailability notices posted on the site. Adhering to the best SEO techniques is another great way to ensure that consumers have a positive experience on your site, even if they happen to an out-of-stock page.

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