How To Get SAP Certification With SAP Learning Hub?


SAP is a pre-eminent software that is used for enterprise resource planning and information processing applications. It is a market leader and serves clients in both lower and higher-end enterprises and lower-end ventures. It is a convenient choice for the services pertinent to the business operations and covers storage, analysis, and collaboration in its application range. Since a lot of companies invest a lot in resource planning, there has been an increase in the number of SAP Learning Hub. Data centralization techniques and resource planning are trending and consequently, job prospects have also increased.

So, if you are looking for easy processes to get the SAP certification, you are at the right place. Keep on scrolling to know more-

Career Opportunities:

Senior SAP consultants earn their salaries in millions all over the world. A career in the resource planning space not only allows you to make high remunerations but also empowers you to use your analytical skills. There are innumerable domains like sales and distribution, financing and accounting, and CRM where you can apply your knowledge of SAP software.

Sales and Distribution:

To construct a career in the SD department, you will have to get a certificate in the SAP SD module and make yourself eligible. Training yourself in the SAP SD would benefit you in landing a job as a functional consultant, senior designer, trainee, or even a project manager. It is highly renowned in the logistics and retail fraternity. Furthermore, there are ample opportunities in the manufacturing sector as well if you choose this course.

Customer Relationship Management:

It is also known by its abbreviation term “CRM.” In the services domain, CRM has got widespread recognition in recent times. You can work in endless positions if you expand your skillsets in this area. Even as a fresher, you can enter the industry as a technical consultant or relationship manager. You will basically handle the processes pertaining to the UI or the front-end applications. However, after gaining sufficient exposure and experience, you can even look for opportunities as an SAP project manager.

Human Capital Management:

It is a part of human resource management. If you are interested to work as an HR consultant or executive, a certification would enable you to market yourself well in a highly competitive environment. Since human resource management is a tough field to construct your career, you would need something to upgrade your profile so much that it enables you to stand out. With the HCM module, you can secure a well-paying designation as a recruiter or executive.

Quality Management:

QM is one of the highest sought-after modules among the twenty modules in the SAP certification structure. Having a reputable certificate to show for in your portfolio will put the odds in your favor in achieving a job you want in the QM domain. If you are an SAP-certified professional, you can earn lucrative salaries as a functional consultant, system specialist, quality engineer, etc.

Now, let us discuss simple processes to get SAP certification that can upgrade your profile to another level.

How to Acquire SAP Certifications?

Acquiring the SAP certification is a process courtesy of the cloud-based learning management system. Now, you do have the option of selecting the traditional way of learning if you deem it right. Otherwise, you can also go for the self-paced learning model, which is beneficial for working professionals. The following pointers elucidate the process of earning SAP certification in a simple way-

Plan How You Want to Proceed:

The first step before going for any kind of certification is to determine the field of work you want to enter. Afterward, when you have ascertained the domain you wish to work in, you have to join the course. Next, acquire all the reading materials and curriculum soft copies specified by the online course. Additionally, you can also purchase supplementary materials to complement your knowledge and get a few industry-specific.

Attend Online Classes:

If you are not part of self-paced learning, you need to ensure that you are well in tune with everything. You also need to follow all the classes properly. However, in the case of self-paced learning, it is imperative to ensure that there are no gaps during the classes. Set deadlines for yourself and complete each part of the training diligently. Moreover, you can also attend extra classes to get more information that is not part of the curriculum.

Read the Curriculum Specified Materials:

To leverage the benefit of the certificate in the interview, you should also have good certificates to show for. Go through all the topics mentioned in the curriculum and ensure that you are not missing out on any topic. Divide your self-paced tasks into smaller achievable deadlines and go in-depth about each topic.

Review Your Knowledge:

Even if you are opting for the self-paced group, it is important to form study groups. Discussing course-related topics in the study group not only aids in expanding your knowledge and deepening your understanding but also lets you know that you are on the right track. More than your grade, you know where to apply the knowledge once you enter the domain will prove to be beneficial.

Schedule Your Online Examination:

Though you will get multiple attempts to clear the exams, you will be in a much better position if you complete your course as soon as possible. Depending upon the time you can give to your study, you can choose between a six months long course or a year-long course. It is also imperative to not choose unrealistic deadlines and take as much time as you need to read each concept comprehensively.

Scope of SAP Certifications:

The number of big breaks in the ERP software has proliferated in the preceding years. Though SAP is still a new name in the resource planning source, there is no shortage of opportunities and prospects. Furthermore, the trajectory of prospects will only move in the upwards direction. This is because the awareness of the usefulness of SAP in resource planning is increasing every minute. To streamline the UI interface and create a centralized system for data handling, many enterprises are observing the need for a comprehensive module. Now, since the execution of SAP software is a little onerous and sources of data are diverse, there is also a need for professionals who have in-depth knowledge and proficient skillsets.


SAP offers ubiquitous software solutions to various enterprises and streamlines the data process methods. It helps companies in different stages of development. A better data structuring method makes way for an effective interpretation of information. These interpretations, in turn, result in effective business decisions. The abundance of data is expected to surge unfathomably in the future. Therefore, the use of SAP toolsets and the professionals will also increase with time. Nevertheless, relevant reading materials, a well-curated curriculum, and the existence of SAP Training make the comprehension of the software easier. Rigorously implementing the principles and efficaciously studying the concepts propels you towards gaining expertise.


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