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How to Get Rid of Allergens: 9 Tips for Homeowners

Many people love the transition from summer to fall. The weather gets cooler, the leaves on the trees change color, and everything tastes like pumpkin. If you suffer from allergies, however, then this can be a miserable time.

Triggers for fall allergies include ragweed, dust mites, and mold spores. Without medication, it can be hard to be outside with all these triggers. Unfortunately, they can also find their way into your home too.

Many believe that dusting is enough, but there are more options to keep your home allergen-free. Here are nine ways on how to get rid of allergens in your home.

1. Stop Outdoor Allergens at the Door

Allergens can cling to the surface of your shoes. When you return home, you traipse those allergens throughout your home if you continue to wear those shoes.

Curtail this by establishing a no-shoes policy in your home.

Place a mat on the porch so people can wipe off their shoes before they enter. Designate a place for people to remove their shoes and store them. During allergy season, vacuum this area often.

Doing this will mitigate external allergens getting into your home.

2. Replace the Filters in Your HVAC System

Temperatures are starting to drop, which means that you will start using the heat in your home. Allergens like pet dander and dust mites can lurk in the air ducts. When you run your HVAC system, those allergens are disturbed and will travel throughout your home.

A good way of getting rid of allergens in your air ducts is by using a high-efficiency air filter. The c3045 filter is an example of one of these filters. They trap particles so that only clean air circulates throughout your home.

You should change your filter every ninety days or with each new season.

3. How to Get Rid of Allergens with Smarter Dusting

Dusting is straightforward, but the way you dust can determine if you’ll have an allergy-free home. When dusting furniture, clean it from top to bottom. This prevents dust and other allergens from spreading to clean surfaces.

You should also avoid using feather dusters; all they do is kick up dirt and release it into the air. The best way to dust is to use a damp microfiber cloth or another instrument that traps dust. Be sure to also clean ceiling fans, blinds, and curtains.

4. Manage the Humidity and Temperature in Your Home

Allergens such as dust and mold spores thrive in places that are warm and humid. Mold, in particular, thrives in a humid environment; the humidity allows moisture to propagate. In these conditions, mold has all that it needs to grow.

A mold allergy is one of the worst types of allergies since it can result in serious issues.

The humidity in your home should be below fifty percent. A dehumidifier can help accomplish this. It also helps to keep the temperature in your home on the cooler side.

Doing these things will make it much harder for dust and mold to thrive.

5. Shed Clothes at the Door

Just like shoes, the clothes you wear can harbor allergens. Once you enter your house, they have the opportunity to make your home their home.

People with severe allergies should remove their outer layer of clothing as soon as they get inside. Leave jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats in a closet by the entrance or a rack.

Family members who work outside or play sports can leave their dirty clothes in a hamper by the door or in a closet.

6. Change Your Linen

Many people change their linen every other week or even once a month. If you want to help reduce the dust in your home, you should change it once a week.

Dust mites can live on pillows, mattresses, and linen. They can collect large quantities of dust just in one week. Without a weekly change, your linen can trigger your allergies.

Allergen-proof linen is available that staves off dust mites so that you have another layer of protection.

When you wash your linen, make sure it’s in hot water to kill the dust mites.

7. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Wood and other hard floors are the best floor surfaces because allergens cannot embed themselves in these surfaces. If you have carpet, however, it’s easy for allergens to gain a foothold.

The type of vacuum you possess may not provide a comprehensive clean. Vacuums with HEPA filters are the best kind since they can trap the tiniest particles. Cyclonic vacuums that spin away dirt are also good choices.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you should also get your carpet steam cleaned or dry cleaned.

8. Control Pests

Insects can also be a source of allergies. Cockroaches are one of the most notable insects that can trigger an allergy. The saliva, feces, and body parts of roaches can trigger allergies if they get into the air.

The best way to minimize the risk of roaches and other pests is to keep your home free of food debris. Crumbs and other food residues attract pests and allow them to propagate. Wipe up kitchen surfaces and vacuum floors regularly to clean up food debris.

You should also seal holes and cracks in your home to prevent their entry.

9. Wash Up After Coming Inside

If you have allergies and you’ve been outside, you should take a shower. If you don’t feel like it or don’t have enough time, at the very least, wash your face. When you are outside, allergens cling to your skin.

Allergens on your face have multiple entry points to get inside your body. If you plan to just wash your face, use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser for the job.

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Allergy season can be a pain, but there are steps you can take to ease your suffering. There are many ways how to get rid of allergens and many of those steps involve vigilant cleaning.

You can minimize outdoor allergens with an area for people to lose their clothes and shoes when they come indoors. Make sure cracks and holes in your home are contained so insects can’t get inside.

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