How to Get Real Legit Subscribers on YouTube Channel

Thanks to Youtube – one such platform where everyone can be a video maker, director, or producer. This video platform has increasing numbers of popularity on a daily basis bringing great competition that is hard to combat. You need to know where attention has to be drawn, how to build an audience, how to plan the content for your channel. If you are facing such problems, we bring some smart strategies and persistence to help you become the upcoming Youtube star.

How to get more subscribers on Youtube?

We all want people landing on our page and spending hours on it. Below are the six tactics to increase the views and subscribers on your channel:-

1. Insert watermark on your video:

This platform allows you adding a watermark that will be visible on your entire videos. It is a hack for your viewers to subscribing to your page. In the channel drop-down menu, go to the branding link. If there is an existing watermark, click new to add and customize.

2. Check the account defaults:

Use this feature in asking your subscribers to follow and subscribe to all your videos. It is like branding where you can change and add the default settings. This will be applicable for all future uploads.

3. Multiply your frequency to upload:

Let’s accept it; the more you upload, the more is the frequency of people reaching your videos. This digital age looks for entertainment so create informative and fun content to develop a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers. Consistency is the key hence try publishing at least one video per week.

4. Revamp your titles for CTR:

Be different and create offbeat names on your videos. To optimize your titles, read the following tips:
(a) Add the keywords: If you put the title as a keyword, Google will analyze what your video is all about.
(b) Make your title short and engaging: Create a quirky and ideal title (not more than 50 characters) to get more people while clicking.
(c) Avoid using the word “video”: The word video will not help you increase ranking on the search engine but rather it would have a negative effect on the search engine.

5. Create and publish long videos:

In earlier times, shorter videos used to rank higher and gained momentum but now it is the longer videos (10+minutes) that are liked by the users. Hence, make sure that your video contains an in-depth review and lengthy informative content.

6. Make a trailer:

When a user reaches your channel, hook them! Catch the eye of your viewers by creating the highlights of why your videos are interesting, valuable, and engrossing. Add the range of topics that would be covered in all your future videos.
Hope these methods have helped you. Anytime you are posting a new Youtube video, let your followers know that so that they publish articles around your blog. The more consistent you are posting, you will drive more traffic to your channel.


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