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How to get a Gym license in Dubai 

BCM Corporate Services LLC helps them getting subsidized trade licenses. along with space for sports, wellness, and fitness professionals. REPs covers all the main disciplines in fitness. Including group fitness, personal training, Pilates, and Yoga, and works. Gyms with a wide range of employers, training providers, and public bodies. who support its mission.
The register was started and established by Dubai Sports Council. It is a component of a worldwide network of fitness registers now operating around the world. REPs UAE may be a member of ICREPs the worldwide confederation. for Gym license in Dubai fitness registers. BCM Corporate Services LLC will assist you. in all possible ways including freelance license registration in UAE.

How to get a Gym license in Dubai 

Free Zone for a health club?

If you are thinking of opening a health club or gym in a Free Zone, then there are a few regulations that you should know about Gym licenses in Dubai. The activities of the health spa or gym that are permissible should only strictly limit to:

  • Physical training or exercising for weight loss/ fitness
  • Meditative sports like yoga or tai-chi
  • Various types of massage

Tips to Start Fitness Center/Gym in Dubai

  1. Plan Gym Business Setup in Dubai

It is vital to properly plan your gym business setup in Dubai. The legalization costs for a fitness center and Gym License in Dubai can fluctuate between 35,000 AED and 50,000 AED. Gym equipment can be expensive and even if you think you can do it cheaply. The costs will always be higher than expected.

You need to plan your fitness center business setup in Dubai properly before you begin. Business Setup Consultants in Dubai can support you in getting Gym License in Dubai. To calculate the detailed costs for the needed permit, license, facility, and visa.

In addition to the fees for the corporate formation in UAE. There’ll be costs for the gym equipment and marketing. The expenses for the brand, website, social media accounts, business cards, flyers, etc. Furthermore, there will be expenses for computer software, business insurance, and employee salaries. Nevertheless, if thoroughly planned, your fitness center setup is often very successful.

  1. Open Gym/Fitness Center in Dubai Free Zone
To open your own gym during a free port might be an excellent business opportunity. A free port company setup in Dubai allows you 100% foreign ownership. A busy free port also provides you with state-of-the-art facilities. and various corporate clients right nearby. The costs for the gym business setup. and thus the required documents can differ and depend upon the precise free port. Also,
The company formation process will vary. Besides, a free zone company could offer several benefits. because you are very close to your potential clients. With a free port fitness center, you’ll provide special corporate classes. back exercises for office employees. weight loss training during lunch breaks, and after-work yoga classes.
  1. Start Gym Business in Dubai
If you panned your gym business setup in Dubai. and obtained a license during a Dubai free port, you’ll now start your gym business. Please confine the mind to take care of all furniture and machines and supply the needed care items. Also, look after suitable lighting, ventilation and air condition. UAE is a tourist place,
Thousands of people will travel every day from all over the world. for spending their vacations, for employment, for business, and enjoying. the lifestyle of the UAE. Population in UAE are very fond of food. No one can able to resist the food. and definitely who are staying in UAE for a long time or a short time.
they will gain fat, calories, etc, most important. they will enjoy everything and at the same time. They are very conscious about health. nutrition, physical appearance to impress or concern about their personality.
1.Low Entry Barriers
The limitations of entering in the UAE for a personal trainer are moderate or are very low. Many of the UAE free zones. That house sports services will issue a business license. in a mere fortnight, and applying for a work permit is also very swift and quick. 
2 Application for a Work Permit
To get a work permit, the first thing that you need to do is register. with the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare. and next with the UAE Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). REPs is a self-governing, civil register that recognizes and approves. The abilities, qualifications, and expertise of fitness and healthcare professionals in the UAE. 
The documents demanded by the REP’s Authority are
  • A filled application form
  • Certificate of REP qualification
  • A draft that outlines the type of fitness activity you wish to perform
  • Copies of your visa and passport
  1. Opening your Own Gym Studio
Depending on the kind of fitness space you want to open, you need to apply with the DED Authority. Once you are grante the go-ahead. you can then negotiate a lease for your chosen building straight with the landlord. As this method can be complex. It pays to seek guidance from a UAE business setup consultant. before starting the company formation in Dubai.
  1. No NOC Needed from Local Sponsor
A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is not demanded to get a personal trainer license. Gym license in Dubai enabling trainers to build their gym business. on the side until they are ready to break away and go it alone.
  1. No Audit Necessary
Unlike many firms in the UAE. There are no conditions for personal trainers to get their finances audited. To present their account books to the government. If you choose to start a personal training business or decide to get qualifications. To become a personal trainer. Then the process of establishing a gym business is quite complicated.

With a growing population and a high percentage of ex-pats, the UAE market has encouraged national  Gym licenses in Dubai as well as international fitness companies to invest in the market. In 2016, the fitness industry in the UAE was estimated to be worth $380m in 2016, according to the research firm, Statistic.

Some of the world’s most prominent fitness brands have found out business within the UAE, including American chain Gold’s Gym and UK brand Fitness First. In recent years, there has also been innovation in this sector with a move towards more down-to-earth functional training. There are significant opportunities in the UAE and an appetite for both private sessions as well as group training among residents.

To set up a fitness club as a limited liability company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, numerous mandatory requirements, outlined by the Department of Economic Development, must be met. The property  Gym license in Dubai  for the new Fitness Centre must also meet a considerably extensive list of criteria which includes, but is not limited to, the below;

Free zone Gym License in Dubai

For starting a business in Dubai Free Zone, you need to obtain an individual training license, which permits you to establish your business without any hiccup. Once you get a free zone permit, the next step will be the application for a work license from the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare in Dubai.

You are compelled to fulfill both stages of this process. Because Free Zones can issue a sports services license. but do not have the authority to give their consent to work in the mainland.
 Mainland Gym License in Dubai
In the case of the Dubai mainland, you need to get a DED Trade license, and you are good to go. This license is easier to get and is far more affordable than the free zone alternative.
Contact us for Gym license in Dubai
We at BCM Corporate services LLC. Extend our quality services to our clients. With well experienced & qualified Business consultants. With rich expertise in document attestation Services in Dubai. so that Gym License in Dubai client’s requirements of Business setup in Dubai. can be complete on time with satisfactory Results outcome. Please feel free to reach us for your Business setup. and Gym license in Dubai requirements on our email id: info@branches.ae or call us on +971502585921

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