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How To Fix Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel

Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel

We all know how easy it becomes to switch between cells of an Excel spreadsheet using arrow keys. But have you ever thought about what you will do if all of sudden your arrow keys stops working in Excel.

In some cases, you are taken to another sheet instead of switching to the next cell line.

Well, in that case, it’s obvious to get annoyed with this problem, so here are fixes to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Ways To Fix Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel

1# Disable Scroll Lock

Well, one of the common reasons behind arrow keys not working in excel is may be due to the enabled scroll lock features.

Until this feature is kept enabled, you need to disable this feature to activate arrow keys on the Excel workbook.

Let’s know how to disable the scroll lock feature.

  • Hit the scroll lock button from your keyboard and very soon you will see that the lock is been disabled.


  • On the keyboard, the light of the scroll lock appears off.

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2# Use On-Screen Keyboard For Disabling The Scroll Lock

If you guys are using a modern computer then there will be no scroll lock button found on the keyboard.

Whereas the Window has an on-screen keyboard so from this you can use those keys which are not present in the actual keyboard.

Apart from this, you need to use it in situations where the keyboard gets broken or not functioning properly.

Just use the on-screen keyboard for disabling the scroll lock.

  • Go to the Start Menu and in the search box type on-screen keyboard.
  • Once you get it, just make a tap to open it.
  • On the keyboard’s right side, there are lock keys and it is named as  This will help you to enable or disable the scroll lock on PC. Hit the ScrLk button to disable it.

Fix Arrow Keys Not Working With An AppleScript On Mac:

In the MAC keyboard usually, there is no scroll lock button present. So for disabling this, you can use AppleScript. This will help you to fix arrow keys not working issue on Mac.

In this solution, we will make an AppleScript and then execute it each time you use an Excel application on your PC.

This will make your arrow keys come back again into action in Excel.

Here are the steps that you need to perform:

  • Hit the Launchpad and then the search box typeTextEdit. Once you get it, make a tap to open it.


  • Go to the File menu and choose the New tab for creating up the new document.


  • Now copy the below code and then paste it on your document.

set returnedItems to (display dialog “Press OK to send scroll lock keypress to Microsoft Excel or press Quit” with title “Excel Scroll-lock Fix” buttons {“Quit”, “OK”} default button 2)

set buttonPressed to the button returned of returnedItems

if buttonPressed is “OK” then

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
end tell

tell application “System Events”
key code 107 using {shift down}
end tell


display dialog “Scroll Lock key sent to Microsoft Excel” with title “Mac Excel Scroll-lock Fix” buttons {“OK”}

end if

  • Hit the Command + S keys from your keyboard for saving up your file.
  • In the name, the section assigns this name applescript and tap to save it.


  • Open your Excel application.
  • Make a double-tap on this newly made AppleScript file. This will really be going to fix the arrow keys not working problem.

Wrap Up:

Do try all the above fixes to clear out the problem of arrow keys not working in Excel.  I hope you have found this post informative and useful.

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