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How to Find and Learn From Competitor Ads

Ever since 2020 digital advertising has passed traditional advertising in revenue generated. It’s easy to see why — people are spending more and more time online. If you want your business to thrive in 2022, you’re going to have to start advertising online.

Unfortunately, if you’re advertising online, you’re going to come up against competitor ads. In the virtual world, your competitors are constantly competing with you for space.

It’s important to conduct competitor analysis. If you do so, you’re far more likely to know which ads you should run next.

This article will walk you through a few ways to find and learn from competitor advising.

Browse the Internet

Internet ads — unlike TV ads — target specific demographics. They only pop up for people who make use of certain keywords often.

Because of this, you’re in the market for your competitor’s products. You spend so much time using the words involved in your product that it’s only a matter of time before one of your competitor’s ads pops up for you.

The easiest research you can conduct is to study this ad and see what it teaches you:

  • How noticeable is it?
  • Does it grab your attention?
  • What does it do right?
  • What does it do wrong?
  • Are your ads too similar to theirs?

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Look For Gaps

Sometimes, the best way to beat your competitors isn’t to face them head to head but to sneak up on them when they aren’t looking. Look for gaps in your competitor’s advertising strategy. These can be the right places to drop in and gain some revenue.

Just look at what Isuzu trucks did, back in the day of TV advertising. They realized that most truck advertisements were boring — simple — that they had no life.

To combat this, they developed Joe Isuzu, a parody of a car salesman. Joe told blatant lies about Isuzu trucks, serving as the perfect ironic commentary on a car ad.

The ad worked wonderfully. People didn’t know what Isuzu trucks did — but they did like their attitude. Isuzu is the perfect example of a company that saw an opening and closed it to its advantage.

Make Use of Google’s New Advertiser Transparency

Google’s new advertised transparency initiative has made it easier than ever to check out how your competitors are doing. Google is committed to the freedom of enterprise, and so they want their advertisers to do as well as they can.

Hire yourself a great competitor analysis to help you on your journey — no one does it like the professionals.

For more information on conducting competitor research through Google’s new initiative, head over to

Dominate the Market by Researching Competitor Ads

In the world of advertising, knowledge is power. by knowing the type of ads your competitors are running and how those ads are doing, you’re far more likely to succeed. Make research into competitor ads part of your business strategy today.

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