How to Find a New Church Home

Is it time to find a new local church for yourself or your family to attend?

Finding a new church, especially if you’ve recently moved to a whole new area, isn’t as easy as it seems. This is especially true if you live in a large city with a lot of options.

We’re here to talk about how to find the perfect church home for your to practice your faith. Read on to learn more.

Ask Around

If you’re brand new to your community, finding the best church may be as easy as getting involved with your community and asking locals what they think. While not everyone goes to church, and the people who do may not go to the right church for you, this is a great starting point.

Look into local Facebook groups or forums and ask there. Many people will be happy to share their experiences (good or bad) with those who ask.

If you’ve met peers who share your faith, ask them about the churches that they attend. You may even want to sit in as a guest one day to see if the church works for you.

Having someone “on your side” who can bring you to their church can make you feel more confident.

Do Your Research

If you don’t have peers to help you, take your search to the internet. When you search “church near me,” you’re sure to get dozens of results. Not all of those results will apply to you, but you’ll now have somewhere to start.

Narrow your options down to your specific faith and then start browsing church websites. Look at their mission statements and what they have available. Consider what’s important to you and find a church that lists those things on its site.

If you’re unsure, never be afraid to send an email.

Look Into Acts of Service

If helping people is important to you when it comes to your faith, look into local charities and see who’s supporting them. What churches open their doors to people in need? What churches are offering help at soup kitchens or helping the community after disasters or tragedies?

Make sure that you choose a church that will open you up to opportunities to help others.

Find Somewhere Accessible

The best church in town won’t be the best for you if you aren’t able to go to services. When you’re choosing a church, make sure that you’re able to get to it.

Some people prefer churches that offer online services, like Others prefer to find a church that’s close enough for them to walk or ride a bike to.

Find Your New Church With These Tips

When you finally find a new church that aligns with your needs and values, you’ll be so happy that you took the time to vet a variety of churches before making your decision.

Don’t just choose any old church in your neighborhood. Use these tips to find the perfect match for you and your family.

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