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Those who are wanting to Export Mac Outlook Contacts to CSV face many problems while searching for the right technique. There are many needs and reasons as to why people want to perform the above task. Therefore, we will find different online services and applications for Outlook for mac import contacts to CSV Excel format. The minimize the effort here I will give out the best method for the same. Before that let’s find out what are the common issues faced by Mac Outlook users.

So here are some of the queries posted on a forum site: –

  • “I have an Outlook OLM file which needs to be exported into CSV. I do not have Mac for Outlook for now, so there is no Manual Method to access my OLM file. Is there any other way to save the Address Book data in CSV from the OLM file?”
  • “I have more than 7000 contacts in Outlook which I have to manage and update every day. I’m using Outlook on my Mac Machine and thus I want to avoid update of every contact manually. I want to Export my OLM file to CSV because then I can easily make changes in spreadsheet format.”

Overview of Outlook for Mac Export Contacts to CSV

The Contacts become the major part and parcel of every institution, and if it gets lost there would be an immediate stoppage in that particular organization. Most organizations use Outlook for their functioning because it is more suitable for professionals. Outlook for Mac works as a personal information manager and thus manages your calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. But the problem here is, there many people who want to update their Outlook Contacts now and then, for them Exporting the Outlook contacts file to CSV is the easiest way.

CSV is a Comma Separated Value that could be accessed by almost every Spreadsheet program like Google Spreadsheet, or Text editor. If you want to manage heavy data especially in tabular format then we must recommend going for the CSV format.

In this article, we would give you the right technique for Mac Outlook Contacts to Excel CSV format. Follow the Easiest and Trusted Solutions here in this blog.

Automated Tool for Outlook for Mac Export Contacts to CSV

OLM to CSV Converter for Mac this tool converts OLM to CSV in just a few minutes with 100% accurate results. The utility can upload your OLM files with dual-mode either in bulk quantity or selectively using the Filter options. The software doesn’t restrict you to upload OLM files, you can upload an unlimited number of OLM files in the software. The conversion doesn’t need any internet connection for the same, also there is no need for Outlook for Mac to be installed on your System.

The application is user-friendly and comes with a coherent GUI which enables every user to operate on it smoothly. The tool also offers you the flexibility to choose the destination path of your choice. The software preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy and doesn’t hamper your data from any threat and corruption. The tool is 100% safe and secure and guarantees accurate results during the Conversion. The tool is quick and fast in delivering great results. The utility offers free conversion of up to 25 OLM files into CSV, avail of the opportunity now.

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Here are the Pro-features of the Wizard: –

  • The tool is quick and produces 100% accurate results.
  • The wizard provided you with dual-mode to upload OLM files.
  • The utility maintains the originality of the data.
  • The tool supports all the latest versions of Mac OS.

Guide for Outlook for Mac Export Contacts to CSV

The procedure is straightforward. Users with or without technical knowledge can operate the application. Still, more here are the simplified steps to convert the Outlook contacts to CSV formats on Mac OS.

  1. Start the software, MacUncle OLM to CSV Converter on your Machine.
  2. Upload the OLM files using Add folder (s) or Add file (s) options in the software.
  3. You can check the uploaded OLM files in the software panel and click the Next button.
  4. Select the CSV option from the Select Saving Option.
  5. You can also choose your preferred destination location.
  6. Finally, press the Export button in the software.

You will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the software.

Manually Method to Export Outlook OLM file to CSV

Outlook for Mac stores all your information including emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, etc. in the .olm file. Thus, you need to Export the OLM file to CSV to edit it in spreadsheet format. Here are the steps to perform the task: –

  1. Start by opening Outlook for Mac on your System.
  2. Then navigate to the File menu and choose the Export option from it.
  3. Now, hit on the Contacts option and select the Continue button.
  4. Then choose the destination path of your selected file and click on the Save as a button.
  5. After the process completes, hit the Finish button.

Limitations of the Manual Method

When it comes to the manual method, you will encounter some limitations. As the application also has some limitations on providing the free solution. Here are some of the major limitations of the Manual Method listed below: –

  • If you have various OLM files on your Machine then you have to repeat the above process again and again for a specific file.
  • The method is very tedious and time-consuming.
  • The process includes some of the technical skills you might need to follow the steps.
  • You have to be patient in case you have to repeat the entire process again and again.

The Final Words

The post explains to you the technique for Outlook for Mac Export Contacts to CSV. In the above article, we have provided the right technique to do so, the first is the Manual Method which comes with various limitations, to avoid these we have the Automated Tool. OLM to CSV Converter, this tool enables faster and productive results with a glitch-free process. Not only the convert outlook contacts list but also the email data files. You just have to give the right command to the software, while the tool will do it best.

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