How to ensure Motorhome and trailer? Understand how this insurance works

Some define the motorhome or trailer as a form of travel. Others prefer to say that it is a way of life. Being one thing or another, the great truth is that the number of fans in love with this type of vehicle is growing. And to travel more safely, many take out motorhome and trailer insurance.

But how does this type of insurance work? Because it’s important? How much? In this article, we answer these and other questions. Follow the next topics!

How does motorhome or trailer insurance work?

According to an article on Abril’s travel and tourism website, the social distancing that came with the Covid-19 pandemic caused the number of motorhome and trailer rentals in Brazil to skyrocket.

A second reason is a strong trend towards remote work (home office or hybrid). These work models allow professionals to carry out their activities from anywhere.

Still without insurance for your car?

But as stated in the introduction, many are driven by the simple dream of traveling — while taking a little home with them. No matter the reason, motorhome or trailer insurance is the solution to ensure vehicle protection.

In practice, this type of policy has coverage very similar to traditional cars, for example:

  • Theft;
  • Theft;
  • Collision;
  • Inundation;
  • Fire;
  • Additionally, that protects headlights, windows, and collisions against third parties.

One difference is that motorhome insurance receives an additional fee for entering the “mobile home and trailer” category. In this way, some specific services are offered, such as the payment of accommodation expenses in the event of an accident with the vehicle.

To define the value of the insurance, one of the criteria is the presentation of a document (such as the factory invoice) that shows the value of the car. Another requested document is the invoices that have the cost of adaptations made to the vehicle to be used as a motorhome or trailer.

Based on the information presented, the value of the deductible is also defined. This is a co-payment (between insurer and owner) that consists of paying a fee in the event of an accident. It is worth mentioning that the owner can opt for full or partial coverage of the vehicle.

Among the additional benefits offered by the insurance are towing assistance and home services (keychain, plumbing, electrical, etc.). Not to mention the peace of mind of being able to “put your foot on the road” by eliminating the worry of possible damage or loss to the motorhome or trailer.

Why take out insurance before traveling with a motorhome?

One of the great reasons to take out motorhome insurance is to protect not only the vehicle but also the house attached to it. In this environment, homeowners often have household appliances and other valuables.

In the event of a crash, if these objects are damaged, the insurance covers them. It is important to note here that the policy does not cover damage caused by the owner or theft of this equipment. To obtain this type of protection, it is necessary to take out specific insurance.

Another benefit of hiring motorhome and trailer protection is prevention. Unfortunately, there are not many places to safely park a motorhome in Brazil. Therefore, in situations of theft, the owner will not have the sad feeling of losing his entire investment.

There is even one more reason to insure. Many travel with their families, and if there are several drivers, there may be a rotation behind the wheel (a very prudent attitude). In this case, it is possible to include all drivers in the policy, and thus guarantee complete protection.

And if the desire is to travel outside Brazil? Is it worth getting motorhome and trailer insurance? Yes, but it is necessary to be aware of some aspects – and the main one is whether the insurer offers international coverage.

There are those that provide assistance services in Mercosur countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The ideal is to talk openly with the insurance broker to understand which is the best option according to the specific needs of international travelers.

Also, consider taking out travel insurance.

For extra protection, motorhome owners can take out travel insurance. This type of policy offers the following services:

  • Family: coverage for couples and children;
  • Individual: security for those who wish to travel alone;
  • National travel:— protection on trips made within Brazilian territory;
  • International travel: coverage for travel abroad;
  • Sports: safety for itineraries that include extreme or adventure activities (diving, mountaineering, rafting, surfing, etc.);

Specifying the coverages that make up the travel insurance, we can divide them into:

  • Basic: hospital, medical and dental expenses, death (accidental or not), partial or total disability, medical return, transfer in case of death, and medical appointments;
  • Additional: funeral, early return due to trip cancellation, theft, theft or damage to luggage, and other special coverage.

In addition to the additional protection, travel insurance can help the owner to get discounts with the insurance company on the motorhome policy since it will not be necessary to include some extras that are already included in the travel insurance.

In addition, there are insurance companies that offer discounts for those who hire various services. It would be like a loyalty bonus or scoring program that deducts policy values ​​as the insured earns points from the purchase of products or services.

How much does trailer insurance cost?

There is no set amount for trailer insurance. The reason is that the cost varies according to specific aspects, such as:

  • Car price;
  • Cost of adaptations to dock the trailer;
  • Age of the driver or drivers;
  • Enabling time;
  • Services and additional contracts;
  • Existing equipment inside the trailer;
  • Franchise value.

Due to all these details, it is essential that the trailer owner looks for a reliable specialist insurance company. That way, there will be no unpleasant surprises, such as unknown costs built into the policy. In addition, the insurance contracted will be perfect for the traveler’s needs.

Extra tips for a safer trip

For first-time passengers, some safety tips are essential. Below, we list the main ones for a smooth journey without having anything to worry about but enjoying the experience.

Assess your needs before choosing a model

What is the best model and size of the motorhome or trailer? It depends on your needs. Some travel alone or with few people, while others have a large family. So, the internal space must be according to the number of travelers.

As for the structure, the vehicle needs to have a toilet, kitchen, and a sleeping environment. On the other hand, it is important to have basic equipment such as a stove, refrigerator, table, and air conditioning.

Build a travel itinerary

The lack of a travel itinerary can be dangerous. It is best to define in advance the places you want to visit, as well as the stops, gas stations, and motorhome parking lots along the way. With the itinerary defined, it is also easier to plan travel expenses.

Check the infrastructure of the roads and cities you pass through

Brazilian roads, for the most part, do not have a good infrastructure. Depending on the highway, the journey can be dangerous or increase the time spent on a stretch. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself about the conditions of the roads and, if possible, change the ones of worse quality for those with better infrastructure.

This same care must be followed when evaluating the cities where you intend to park. Prefer those that have campsites for motorhomes and trailers. That way, the rest experience will be more pleasant and safe.

Attention to documentation

To drive the vehicle, a category B driver’s license is required. For international travel, the driver must obtain an international driver’s license (PID). It is also important not to forget to bring your personal and car documents.

Be careful when storing valuables

Items and valuables must never be displayed in the motorhome or trailer. Ideally, they should be kept in a safe place, such as a safe or inside a furniture compartment.

Try to learn about basic vehicle mechanics

Another valuable tip is to take a basic course in vehicle mechanics. With this training, the driver is able to correct simple problems that can leave the vehicle stopped on the roads. An important reminder is to have a toolbox for these quick fixes.

Maps and GPS

Map or GPS, which is better? Both. When technology fails, a printed map can save the driver. So take the time to understand how the GPS works, but also to know the legends and other map information.

In short, traveling in a motorhome in Brazil or around the world is an adventure that is worth living. This experience is even better when you don’t have to worry about protecting your vehicle. So, to avoid headaches, hire motorhome and trailer insurance and enjoy the trip!

Did you like to know more about motorhome and trailer insurance? If you still have questions, just leave a comment.

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