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How to Dress Stylishly for Work

Monday through Friday we find ourselves staring into the abyss of our wardrobes having a life-changing debate with ourselves on what to wear and what not to wear. What would look professional and appropriate, cut colour and design … you get the gist. When it becomes too much of a struggle yes, we can always default to plain trousers and a solid coloured shirt, but ask yourselves this honestly…is it enough? For most of us no.

What to wear at work that looks professional and stylish is a question that is asked more than often. You would want to look stylish, a wardrobe that radiates femininity yet confidence but also at the same time conform to professional standards.

Nowadays all we hear is “I can’t be bothered to dress up for work, or it’s just too much effort, but what about making the first impression or your professional appearance and it is more than you think.

Our goal is to inspire you to dress professionally without losing your femininity or confidence. The way you dress and present yourself to others affects your moods and self-esteem.

Prove your identity

Identify your style. That is the first step in developing any sort of wardrobe. Figure out what you like, what gives you confidence. The colour the cut the length of the dress. Is it the colour or the neutrals? Jot down your preferences.  We personally like summer shirts for women and unstitched lawn suits. Remember all the pieces in your closet may not all be your style, they could be there for emotional reasons!

There are always going to be a couple of pieces that are going to make you feel unstoppable. Pick them. Keep them. Having items that make you feel powerful is a game-changer in a work wardrobe.

Build your basics

Invest in some good quality, easy to wear garments. They usually are in neutrals or dark colours. Those hero pieces that you grab out of your closets on days when everything goes wrong and you think that Thank God that was there. High-quality basics will help glue your wardrobe together. Do shop for unstitched clothes also. There is ai big variety available in chiffon suits and cotton dress. These pieces could be a combination of patterns, prints and block colours. If you stick to a core complementary colour palette, there will be more choices to mix and match.

Switching it out

Switching your solid coloured top: western shirts for women or Kurti with a pattern or a print can transform your whole outfit. The pattern will automatically your outfit to a more stylish one with minimal effort. Your Bottoms and your dupatta can still be in a solid colour allowing your top to be the focal point of your ensemble. Also, keep the bottoms restricted to cigarette pants as they give a very classy look.

Pop of colour

If you are someone who doesn’t like prints and likes to keep it simple in solid neutral or dark colours. You can always add a pop of colours like a red scarf with a grey or a black suit, or pairing a black shirt with a coloured bottom.  Scarves for women in beautiful silk hand-painted variety and even digitally printed ones. It definitely makes for a conversation starter.

The Bling, the Bag and the Shoe

Accessories are important, and who doesn’t love them. When it comes to jewellery at the office, less is definitely more. A delicate chain, tennis bracelet and a nice watch should do the trick.  Keep the earrings minimized to stud earrings for women and if you really like to keep your ear lobes busy then try some silver earrings for women. The handbag that you use for the office should also have a structured thought behind it.

Finding a perfect work bag that looks smart, goes with everything and holds your whole world within it is essential. A medium-sized beige tote should be perfect if you carry the same bag every day. Not too large and not too much of a statement piece either.

Deciding on shoes, a simple pair of leather loafers will not cut it anymore and neither will shiny chappals or women slippers. Remember it’s a professional environment, it will not kill you to wear heels.

Hear us out on this one. Yes, we agree that comfort is very important but we are not asking you to wear a high heel to the office. A wedge or a block heel would do as well. These are easy to find in shoe stores and they are comfortable enough to be worn all day. Heels definitely give a more polished look than flats and also boast a woman’s confidence. We are definitely not going to say no to confidence.

And you are done!!!! Once you manage your wardrobe keeping these 5 steps in mind, you dramatically reduce the time you spend every morning waging a war on your clothes. Starting your day stress-free, relaxed, put together, confident and ready to take on the world.

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