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How to Draw a Hippo

How to Draw a Hippo

Hippopotamus are among the most impressive animals in the African desert! These massive creatures like to relax in the water and go to bed in the sun, but they can also be dangerous when they are caused. They are also incredibly cute when babies, and we will represent a baby version in this guide on how to draw a hippo!

Throughout the 6 stages of this guide, you will be taken through different stages that will show how much the recreation of this lovely hippo can be! You will also find out how this can be fun. If you are looking for some cute drawings, drawing for kids, cartoons drawing, animals drawing and many more, then you are at the right place.

Drawing Hippo

Step 1:

This guide will start with the main plane of this cute hippo! Hippopotamus has a very distinct head and faces shapes, and even if it is a representation of cartoons, we will always try to keep it realistic. The top of the head is rounded, and two small curved ears stand out from the sides.

The jaw and the bottom of the head will also be designed using some curved lines, as shown in the reference image. To the top of the mouth, we will create a beautiful smile by adding wavy curved lines above the jaw. It is all that is now, so let’s go on!

Step 2:

In this next stage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon hippo, we will add facial features for this adorable hippo. First, draw some oval shapes with curved lines on the inner edges of the big nose in nose. Then add some small square shapes rounded to the top of the mouth for certain teeth.

Then we will focus on the eyes, which are quite detailed to give this hippo a beautiful facial expression. The eyes are rounded with a black circle in a slightly larger circle inside. Then we add curved lines between and above the eyes to finish the facial expression. Do your best to follow the reference image as close as possible to this step!

Step 3:

Going away from the face for a moment, we will add the front legs to the cartoon design in this third step. Hippopotamus in real life have relatively short squat legs, and we will remain faithful to this in this representation. Use winding lines slightly for leg contours. The knees will be curved with some details of the line around you to show how they seem.

Finally, we will add our nails to the feet for this step. The hippo nails are quite thick and rounded; this is how we will draw them at this stage. When the legs and feet are over, we can change to the fourth part of the guide!

Step 4:

Now is the time to start adding the body to this hippo! It will be a very simple aspect to draw, but it will help collect this drawing. First of all, we will draw the belly of this hippo. It will consist of a curved line with a smaller curve at the end. We will also see one of the rear legs under the belly on the other side of the body.

The back of the hippo can be designed using a single large curved line that extends from the ear. Then we will be ready to start adding the details and final elements in the next step of the guide!

Step 5:

How to Draw a Hippo

Before reaching the last step of this guide on drawing a cartoon hippo, we will first add the rest of the outline. It means we will draw the rear leg. This leg will be quite similar to the front legs, but it will be double. Otherwise, it will also be short and crouching, with small thick nails at the end.

With this last leg drawn, you can add some details! It may include background details. If you want to keep the background realistic, you can consult some photos of the African desert as inspiration. You can also opt for a more stylized background, let your creativity flow and see what’s going on!

Step 6:

How to Draw a Hippo

Our last step in this hippopotamus cartoon design will be to finish with colors! In our reference image, we show how we color this drawing. We use various shades of light gray to color most of the hippos. Using these different shades, you can create shadows and textures to draw to make it even better.

However, how you get this drawing depends on you! You can use many different colors for this drawing, and it all depends on your personal preference. You can also change the artistic tools and the means you use, so have fun experimenting with what you are in!

Do this to give your hippo drawing to the top level

Make this lovely hippo cartoon better with the help of these fun tips! This lovely design of a cartoon hippo seems to portray a hippo baby. One way to make it even more adorable would be to add other hippos from the baby to the scene! You can follow the guide again and add other cute creatures. You can even change your expressions and facial poses to give the impression that they play together.

What kinds of activities would these hippopotami appreciate in this scene? Hippopotami babies are supported by their mothers, so adding an adult hippo to their work can also be fun. This adult would look like the baby, except that it is much larger. If you need help drawing this adult hippo, you can look for some photos of a real adult hippopotamus. You can even find hippo cartoons you could use to help you as you draw!

Another fun way to fill this Hippopotamus cartoon design would be to add other cartoon animals. Even if you are attending to African animals, you would have so many options. For example, perhaps there may be giraffes, elephants, or lions. Everything you choose will be so cute! Again, you can use photos of the real animals you choose to help you as you draw. Which animals would you like to add to finish this image?

Finally, it would perfectly finish your outline of the cartoon hippo if you added a background. One way would be to show this cartoon hippo by doing how the hippos like, relax in the water! You can use certain means, such as watercolor paintings, to create freshwater effects around the cartoon hippo. Then you can obscure certain parts of the drawing to give the impression that the hippo is immersed. What other parameters could you use for this hippo?

Your Hippo drawing is complete!

The image in which we work in this guide on how to draw a cartoon hippo may have seemed intimidating to take. Nonetheless, we hope the steps have shown how easy it can be! Taking on a new design challenge is always facilitated by useful steps which allow you to focus on the pleasure of creating.

Then you can add your creative keys by adding details or using your color and background options. If you had fun in this guide, you could find your next to your face when you visit our site.

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