How To Determine & Prevent Tree Hazards?

tree hazards prevention

Trees are beneficial for us in many ways! But, if proper trees care is not done, they can be responsible for major damage. For instance, if a big branch of the tree falls over your roof or vehicle, then it will lead to huge property loss.

Weak trees not just pose a threat to your life but property as well. The weak branches of trees are warning signs that you are your property is in danger. You should know about all these signs and prevent stop major hazards. Emergency tree removal by experts in Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas. We look forward to serving all your needs. Contact us now for fast Omaha Tree Service.

Hazard Tree-

The tree failure takes place when the entire tree or any big part of tree breaks and falls. The falling tree can wreak havoc if there is a target. The target can be defined as a building structure, person or vehicle that get affected by falling tree.

The effect caused by the falling tree over the target is known as the degree of hazard. The falling trees, especially in a high use area is most hazardous. The trees that are planted near the high use area pose more risk. It is possible to get rid of hazards by property tree inspection and implementing the right techniques.

The tree’s age is one of the important factors to be considered for optimum hazard tree assessment. The different tree species have a different lifespan. As the tree grows older, then it leads to more risk of failure.

Therefore, the longevity of the tree needs to be considered while evaluating tree hazards. Usually, the longer-lived trees are highly preferred. Also, the surrounding environmental factors help in determining potential hazards.

Inspect Tree Trunk

Tree decay due to fungi is one of the major causes of tree failure. The fungal infection gradually weakens the wood and deteriorating structural integrity. The healthy trees have a huge level of flexibility and they can easily bend and sway.

On the other hand, if decaying tissues start losing their flexibility and can easily break down. The tree decay is not usually represented by obvious signs. Some of the warning signs of tree decay are cracks, butt swell, old wounds, dead branches, etc.

The wounds and crackers are two different types of tree defects. These two defects are associated with the hazard. The cranker is a tree disease and it starts growing large with time. With the growing crank, the probability of tree failure increases. The wounds and crackers form weak points and make tree trunk weaker.

These affected trees can not withstand heavy winds and storms. These trees easily break down and fall over. If you observe any vertical cracks, then it indicated internal issues in the tree.

The hollow tree not necessarily poses a tree hazard. Sometimes cavities generated by the bark wounds. Most old trees have large size cavities and these are compensating for the loss to decay.

Examine Tree Crown

There are two general health indicators of trees: Crown vigor and form. The warning signs that indicate potential hazard trees include V-shaped fork, lopsidedness, etc. These trees are weak as compared to the tree with the broader forks.

Examine The Central Leader

All landscape trees need pruning to get only one central leader i.e. vertical stem on the tree trunk. This vertical stem will make your tree sturdy and stable as well. It will also help in maintaining your tree upright and straight as well.

If a tree has more than one leader, then it will gradually lead to the splitting of your tree. The tree split will create wounds where pests cant attack and these wounds also spread tree diseases.

Though some trees can grow well with more than one leader. But, it is good to have one leader because it reduces the probability of tree splitting and wounds. Some trees that can grow well with more than one leader are fruit trees.

Do Yearly Inspection

The healthy trees will produce new branches, new leaves, new flowers, etc every year. You should call an arborist to do yearly inspection of trees in your landscape. The tree specialist such as tree surgeon Sydney will inspect the tree growth by comparing it with last year.

The optimum tree growth varies and it is based on different tree species. The experienced arborist knows about this and he can suggest the right measures to prevent your trees from diseases and infestation.

The increasing number of rings on a tree trunk can tell you how much your tree has grown from last year. Though, the real method to inspect the age of any tree is to cut it down and count the number of rings.

But, this is not practical. The growth circumference of the tree also reveals the growth of the tree. A yearly inspection will help you to find out the affected portion and promote healthy tree growth.


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