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How to deal with psychological causes of erectile dysfunction?

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

How to deal with psychological causes of erectile dysfunction?

Any cause that is disturbing your mind and preventing you from getting an erection can be put under the psychological cause category. Currently the psychological causes are increasingly affecting the males under 30.

Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues or fear of underperformance or guilt of not being able to satisfy the partner. It is easier to deal with medical and physical causes behind erectile issues than psychological causes. The mental causes are complex and vary from individual to individual. The complexity further increases with the fact that it is not possible to cure these causes with erection boosting medicines .There may be different shades in the same problem in males from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Let us study how to deal with the mental issues behind erectile difficulties.

Deal with the issues at individual level

Before approaching a professional, try to understand the exact cause behind erectile dysfunction. A male without apparent medical problem may be suffering with underlying emotional issues. In many cases, the lack of libido affects the interest in intimacy part of life. It lowers the desire to get intimate with the partner.

Stress and anxiety are different issues, but they feed each other. Only you can understand whether these issues are related to the intimacy part of life or there are other causes behind them. It may not be possible to cure them completely from life. But make sure that they are not constantly affecting your life forever.  Differentiate between logical stress and illogical stress issues. Illogical stress may be your imagination and fears which may not occur. It can be issues like what if something happens and how to deal with unfortunate things. Perhaps you thought process has become too negative to be cured by logical thinking.

Take the help of a professional to cure psychological issues

The professional will ask you several questions as part of the treatment. Your response to this question will show whether you are facing psychological causes or not. The simple test is if you are able to get an erection when you are alone, but not when you are with the partner before intimate sessions. It means that you have psychological issues behind erection difficulties.

If you are unable to find the exact nature of stress and anxiety, take the support of a professional psychologist.  The professional will take counseling sessions to understand your views and personal feelings. Through cognitive behavior therapy your response towards a particular situation is changed to enable you to deal with the situation effectively. The idea is that a situation may be cause of erection difficulty, but your response to it may lead to erection difficulties. When the thought process is changed through therapy, it becomes easy to deal with a particular situation, which previously caused erection difficulties.

Cognitive behavioral therapy makes it easy to identify unhealthy thought patterns and your action that lead to erectile dysfunction. With better understanding of your own thinking, you create positive responses to the same situations which earlier gave you stress or increased anxiety levels.

Dealing with performance anxiety

One of the best ways to deal with performance anxiety is not focus on the physical aspect of intimacy. Concentrate on foreplay during intimate act. Spend maximum time together without going for physical act. This will relieve any pressure on the mind to perform. For a confidence boost, consult a doctor and take the right dose according to their erectile difficulty intensity. Doctors prescribe Sildenafil citrate 150mg for severe cases. It will enable them to overcome psychological barriers which prevent erection. If you get an erection with medicines, it shows that there is no major permanent obstruction to your erection problem.  You only have psychological barriers. And once you have completed the act satisfactorily without medicines, you overcome the barrier.

Take care of diet

Diet may not have any direct impact on treatment of psychological causes, but a diet which improves your libido and boosts energy will help you a lot. The increased libido and energy through diet will create desire for an intimate session. It enables you to overcome lack of interest, which also creates lethargy in mind towards the intimacy in life. There are foods that increase blood circulation in the body by encouraging production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels to support greater blood flow towards the pelvic area. Never ever remain away from intimate parts of life for a longer period. It will make it difficult to get back into a normal erection process. Strive for a healthy body and relaxed mind for long term benefit. But for short term, take medical consultations before using Tadalafil 40mg cialis  for a quick relief from erection difficulty


Identify the psychological causes and take professional help if you are not able to cope up with them. Keep communication open with the partner to dispel any mistrust. Healthy diet and relaxed mind will go a long way to keep the passion alive for years and years to come.

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