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How To Deal and Identify With Bad Deck And Fence Contractors?

If you are an unfortunate victim of a bad deck or fence contractor, you know that it is extremely hard to find a good one. If you do hire them and they don’t do quality work, it’s just as hard to get your money back.

Hiring a contractor without doing research on their work is one way that homeowners might end up with a bad deck or fence contractor. If you don’t get multiple estimates or look at references, you may be hiring a bad contractor.

Why would any person hire a bad deck and fence contractor? 

  • In most cases, it’s because the homeowner has little to no experience with this type of project and doesn’t know what to look for. 
  • They may have even passed up the good prospects in order to save some money on the initial estimate, hoping that they can have it fixed up later. Unfortunately for them, this is usually not possible.

If you’re constantly dealing with these “bad” contractors, it can quickly become frustrating and make it very hard. They may take too long completing a small project, never show up on time or simply do the bare minimum to complete their job.

How to spot unreliable deck and fence contractors?

If you know what it is like to work alongside incompetent contractors, then this guide will help you identify those who go out of their way to be bad at what they do. These are the types of contractors who are not trying to get the job done right and simply take advantage of the customer and make a quick buck. Read on for more information.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about all the signs to watch for that suggest a company might not be the best one for your deck and fence building project. Watch out for these red flags to make sure that you don’t wind up with shoddy work, poor customer service, and even full-on fraud!

If you’re considering hiring a contractor, don’t make these mistakes.:

  1. The fence contractor uses pushy sales tactics. This goes hand in hand with having the lowest bid. Often, contractors will take an original bid and begin lowering it after you’ve committed to the project. You may be able to re-negotiate your original contract before work begins, but be careful their price was low for a reason! If your contractor is beginning to pressure you into signing a contract before you have time to read through every detail, consider another company.
  1. The contractor cannot explain the job. It is important to understand exactly what the contractor’s plans are for your project. A contractor who cannot explain what they will do and provide you with a quote that details costs, materials needed and timelines are likely to leave you with subpar (or even dangerous) work. Don’t give your money away to someone who can’t communicate their plans so clearly.
  1. The fence company is not responding to emails or phone calls. If you’re looking for a project manager, a good contractor should be more than happy to speak with you on the phone or by email. A contractor who’s not willing to communicate with you should be avoided. If you can’t get in touch with a contractor, they likely don’t know where or when to begin the project.
  1. Extra costs appear and disappear right before your eyes. If your contractor is hiring subcontractors or changing materials, consider this a red flag. Things will go wrong when that contractor doesn’t have a solid grasp on their budget because they aren’t working with one themselves. If they are changing something as simple as a fence material, question why and if they are doing it simply to save money on the project. Usually, a good contractor will remain with the original plan if it is part of their bid. Changing things up at the last minute can cost you more.
  1. The fence contractors does not have valid insurance and permits. Hiring someone without these two things for your deck and fence project is a bad idea. You need to know that the contractor is legally doing the work and will have proper insurance protection should something go wrong.
  1. The contractor does not record videos or take pictures of their work. While this does not guarantee bad work, it’s important that a good contractor understands the importance of documentation during the entire construction process. Recordings and pictures taken with your own camera can provide you with valuable information should there be any issues that arise down the line.
  1. The contractor does not have references from previous projects. Good contractors will be more than happy to provide you with information about their previous work, including pictures and testimonials. If you are not able to get a list of past clients, it’s likely that they do not have a solid track record and should be avoided.
  1. The contractor hires subcontractors without your permission or knowledge. If the contractor is not working with you throughout the construction, be wary of this. If a contractor needs to bring in a subcontractor for material or labor, he should be sure to tell you ahead of time and ask permission.
  1. The fence company does not show up on time. While this may seem like a strange thing to consider, sometimes contractors are late because they’re not prepared. This can cause delays later on in the project if they don’t get ready early enough. A good contractor will always be ready to begin their work on time.
  1. The contractor has no testimonials or pictures of their previous work. If a contractor does not have any kind of proof that they have done work before and that it is satisfactory, consider another company.
  2. The fence contractor does not provide you with a written contract or agreement. A good contract details the project and cost in detail, including subcontractors, materials used and timeline for completion.

How to handle shady deck and fence contractors?

Many business people are very frustrated when they try to work with contractors and can’t seem to find anyone who is professional. Here are a few ways that you can deal with such unprofessional contractors:

  • Learn as much as possible about your industry before hiring someone. This will ensure that you only talk to professionals in the field and no one else.
  • Always get a written contract before doing any work or paying for anything. If a fence contractor doesn’t get a written contract from you, they are not allowed to do any work without your permission.
  • Tell the contractor upfront that they need to complete the work. This way, if they cannot manage the job or don’t deliver everything on time, you can move on and find someone else who can.
  • Evaluate whether the contractor is licensed and qualified to do the work. Do they have enough experience in the field? Also, check to see if they are a member of the local chamber of commerce. They should have at least 2 or 3 clients that you can call as references.
  • Once you have hired a fence company, let them know about any delays immediately. You don’t want the contractor sitting idle for days on end until you give them the go ahead to start working again.
  • Don’t overpay for anything without comparison shopping first. Contractors usually make their profit by charging extra for items that you can get at lower prices elsewhere.
  • Don’t be afraid to fire a contractor if their work is unsatisfactory. It is better to fire them early than hire another contractor to fix the first one. You don’t want to waste any more of your precious time and money on the same job twice.


After receiving bids from fence company, it’s important to pay attention to the level of customer service and care that a contractor offers. There are many contracts in construction, but not all of them will offer the same quality. Before you hire a contractor, quiz him about their company and what they have done in the past – such as jobs completed successfully or challenges encountered. Ask friends for recommendations on a given contractor and make sure to read any reviews online before proceeding with the job.

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