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How to Cut Blinds at Home

If you are looking for how to cut blinds at home, this article has the answer. You will find a few easy steps that you can take to ensure your Venetian blinds Dubai will always be neat and tidy and ready for use at any time. You may need to buy some new blinds, or change the way you use them.

Finding the best angle grinder for cutting blinds

Anyone who has ever set their window blinds knows how hard it is to cut them without being able to find the right angle since you are trying to cut them in a way that is close to straight. There are tools for window blinds that will help make the job much easier, however. When you have one of those accesses, you can save yourself from cutting blinds with an angle grinder. The following is a simple guide to finding the best angle grinder for cutting blinds.

If they do not match your windows

Angled grinder – The most common type of grinder is the “Angled” one. They are slightly more difficult to operate than most others, but they allow you to quickly and easily find the perfect angle for your blinds. When looking for a good angled grinder, you need to consider the speed, range, and power. You should also find out what materials the grinder made from since some of them made of plastic, wood, or aluminum, which can cause issues if they do not match your windows.

Buy the right one for your needs

Tonneau covers are another type of grinder that is easy to use and can perform various functions. Tonneau cover models usually have a light to tell you when the grinder is on and can power by the electric cord. Once the grinder turned on, you remove the blinds and unhook the cords. Then you can begin to cut. Tonneau cover models also come in a variety of different sizes, so you will want to make sure that you buy the right one for your needs.

Depending on the type of material used

You do need to do the first thing to measure the Venetian Blinds Dubai before it’s time to cut them. That helps prevent waste and makes sure the blinds come out perfectly cut. The guide for measuring will vary depending on the type of material used. Blinds made from vinyl measured in the corner spaces between the slats.

Before you place your blinds on the floor

An inexpensive trick that will help you understand how to cut blinds at home is to mark off two half-centimeter squares at each end of the blind. Using double-sided tape, lay the strips of tape across the blind at each end and mark them off with a pencil before you place your blinds on the floor.

Difficult to pull open

When you are ready to hang the blinds, gently stretch the strips of tape over the bars of the frame and use masking tape to cover the edges of the blinds, so they do not show up through the tape. Check for positioning before you hang them, so you do not leave a gap in the blinds, making it difficult to pull open. Another way to reduce wastage is to clean the blinds using fabric paint. Paint blinds are available at hardware stores and by mail order, but you can also do the job yourself.

When you apply the wax

If you have wooden blinds, you will need to wax them once or twice a year. A shop vac can help to remove the old wax residue, so you do not leave any streaks when you apply the wax.

Protect them from dirt and dust

Blinds should never install with their insides exposed. With an airbrush method, you can spray the white paint on the blinds’ exposed insides and protect them from dirt and dust.

Knobs and other household tools

Blinds may come with hooks to hold down knobs and other household tools. You may want to purchase hooks that fit the size of the hooks you already have so you can keep track of the hooks you already have.

When you buy custom blinds

When you buy custom blinds, make sure you check to see if there is a cushion attached to the back of the window, so it does not sit too low to the countertop. This cushion will help keep your house from shifting or tipping over and will keep you from rolling your windows out if you do not have a cushion.

Give the wood a smooth finish

Cut your blinds to the length you desire, then trim the excess material, so the window frames remain straight. If you are installing wood blinds, use the wood scrapers and paper to lightly sand the frame to give the wood a smooth finish.

Make it much easier to follow

You can learn how to cut blinds at home and install your new blinds by following a step-by-step instruction book. A manual will give you accurate instructions and make it much easier to follow.


When you learn how to cut blinds at home, you can easily spend less money each month to protect your home from damage. You may even find you want to purchase a whole set of blinds at one time!


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