How to Create Custom Brands for Your Business and Employees

Did you know over half of employees feel disengaged at work? It’s every boss’s nightmare to realize their employees aren’t happy to be at their job. Worse, this disengagement can lead to poor work performance and increased absences.

Looking for a way to get your employees emotionally invested in the New Year? Don’t overlook the importance of custom brands for your workplace.

Picture the impact of employees walking around in branded uniforms. By creating custom uniforms your employees will feel included. Not only that, but your brand gets a free marketing boost.

If you want to be the leader in your industry, you need to stand out from the competition. Customized company uniforms help do just that and drive home a powerful message. You’re saying to the world: “we take our work seriously!”

Curious about how to create a custom brand for your business? Keep reading for what you need to know about business brand building.

How to Create Custom Brands

Customized uniforms are one of the easiest ways to brand your business. Gather together high-quality digital files for your printer. Make sure your slogan and logo are up to date.

Branding uniforms help make your employees look professional. It will also help share your message with the people in your community. That’s why your design files need to be unpixelated and easy to read.

Get Clear on Your Design

You don’t need an army of designers working on new designs for each season or special event. Instead, create a style guide. Gather together your preferred colors, logos, and slogans.

Also, plan out the kinds of uniforms you want your staff to wear. Once you research printers, this will come in handy. Make sure you include your logo in some way on every piece of clothing your employees wear.

You can print across the chest, back, or sleeve of your clothing. This ensures you can identify all your staff members at any given time. This is extra useful when they’re out in the community representing your brand.

Print Local

Talk to local businesses in your area and find out what printers they currently use. Businesses like this printing company can provide both embroidery and printing services.

If you see something you like, contact the companies you’ve researched. You don’t need to work with huge suppliers to create a cohesive look for your company. You can easily design and order outfits yourself.

Working local means you support another local business. And you can be sure your design will meet your requirements and specifications.

Get Practical About Your Products

Custom branding is a powerful team-building tool. Cater to more than just your current employees, too! Customized uniforms can be a great way to build a cohesive look for members of your community.

This could be those who have an affiliation with you. This is perfect for volunteers or students from local schools. This will help them feel more a part of the team.

It will also ensure they maintain a personal and professional look. You can also give out free custom clothing as a thank you to valued clients.

Decide Which Products to Create

Don’t forget about promotional items either! Customized uniforms can be great for branding. Pens, mugs, and tote bags make great freebies for loyal customers.

A smart move is to add your website URL on t-shirts and jackets. That way new customers can easily find you if they see your branded items on employees or customers.

Consider Different Materials

Consider the materials you use to manufacture your clothing. Make sure they’re appropriate for the tasks your staff members do.

For example, if they work outdoors in harsh conditions, you’ll need durable uniforms. If they work indoors, a simple t-shirt may be perfect.

Budgeting Is Key

Make sure there’s enough of an allowance built into your budget to add new items. You’ll need to do this when your logo changes or your staff grows.

Otherwise, you could find yourself with mismatched items that aren’t exactly ideal. A key to good branding is making sure the designs are consistent across re-printings.

Why Are Custom Brands So Effective?

Building a strong brand is the number one way to increase visibility within the market. When customers see uniforms on your employees, it sends a message.

They know that you’re dedicated to both your customers and employees. This will inspire them to consider doing business with you over your competitors.

On a practical note, it leads to easier employee identification. It will help you during recruitment drives. It also creates a sense of employee unification.

They can show off with pride where they work. Having a uniform also prepares your staff for special events. They’ll come prepared for community outreach events or trade shows.

Uniforms offer a great alternative to the traditional business suit. They are more comfortable and modern. And they are an inexpensive alternative to buying a suit for each workday.

Your business can’t afford to look unkempt when the competition looks perfectly presentable. Uniforms are a great way to look polished, so people take you seriously.

Think of uniforms as another aspect of your brand presentation. Would Apple allow employees at its stores to dress however they please? Of course not!

They want everyone looking polished and professional, just like your business.

Create a Custom Brand and Reap the Rewards

Now you know how to create custom brands for your business and employees. With a little research and prep, you’ll be on your way to creating branded uniforms.

Your employees will embody teamwork and establish instant camaraderie. Better yet, they’ll spread the word to others with their branded clothing.

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