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How To Create A Modern White Kitchen With White Wood Accents

After reading this you’ll be able to learn how to create a modern white kitchen through white wooden accents. Hopefully, you’ll get an ideal kitchen in your house.

Before we get on with designing the kitchen, we need certain tips regarding the positioning and symmetry of the kitchen. These tips will make your kitchen well organized and sorted. Here are those tips. 

Eliminate wasted steps:

While organizing your kitchen, think about how and where you mostly use items. Store the breakfast foods and bowls near the breakfast table. 

Keep your wraps and plastic containers in one handy spot, near a work surface for wrapping leftovers. Locate dishwashers and flatware near the dishwasher to ease the process of unloading.

Wide walkways:

Make sure that the floor plan of your kitchen includes enough room between cabinets and the island to easily move through the space. 

It’s a general rule and Kitchen Remodeling for Home Cleveland OH also recommends that paths throughout the kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide.

Aisles within the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a two-cook configuration. While planning, adjust kitchen islands and peninsulas according to it.

Direct traffic through the kitchen:

The flow of traffic is a key consideration while designing a kitchen. In the case of kid-friendly kitchen design, keep the cooktop out of traffic areas so that kids don’t catch handles and cause spills while passing through it. 

The refrigerator should be accessible both to passersby and people working in the cooking and cleanup areas. 

White Kitchen

Keep the corners clear: 

While deciding where to place the appliances and cabinetry pay attention to corners. 

To make the cabinet and appliances doors completely functional, plan out the space for the clearance of the door. 

Keep appliances away from corners and make sure doors won’t bang into each other if opened simultaneously.

Suitable height for microwave:

The ideal height and location for a microwave oven will depend on the chef or the kid-friendly nature of the kitchen. 

For adults, 15 inches above the countertop level is a good height for a microwave. If the kids will be using the appliances, then a below countertop setup might be safe and more convenient.

Allocate landing space near the appliances:

Landing space around the appliances provides a spot to put items while cooking or preparing the ingredients. 

Allow 15 inches of countertop on each side of a cooktop and refrigerator. Landing space near the microwave and other small appliances such as a toaster or coffee pot.

Arrange the storage area:

Make storage for cooking essentials in the space directly around the range. Put a shelf behind or beside the range to keep the spices handy, utensils, and cooking oils. 

Fix an S-hook on the side of the range hood to hang frequently used pots and pans.

Install a pot-filler:

If you’re tired of lugging water-filled pots from the sink to the cooktop then install a swing-out tap also called a pot-filler. 

Install it near the cooktop and fill pots near where you heat them. If not then you can install an extra-long hose attachment on your main faucet to fill the pots on the cooktop.

Store the knives properly:

Knives and cutlery should be hung on a magnetic strip tacked on the backsplash. Put it above the stretch of countertop you typically use for the preparation of ingredients. 

This will make it easier for you to spot the right knife for a job and also keep the dangerous items out of the kids’ reach.

Position the electrical outlets well:

Make sure that your kitchen has plenty of electrical outlets particularly in areas where you need to use a coffee pot, toaster oven, blender, and other countertop appliances. 

For extra customization, consider outfitting a drawer with outlets and USB ports to create a hidden charging station for devices.

Break down the cabinetry blocks:

The walls of the kitchen completely covered with cabinetry can appear heavy and uninteresting. 

Break up long blocks of doors and drawers by adding interesting detailing such as glass doors and display shelving. You can also try to place wine storage or windows between the cabinet areas.

How to design a kitchen?

Once you’re done with the mind mapping about the positioning and symmetry of things now it’s time to move on towards the designing. 

Here is the complete procedure for designing a kitchen.

Analyze your situation:

Set down and analyze the situation, what type of kitchen you want and what is your budget. Ponder on these points:

  • What do you like and must-have in your kitchen
  • What must not be included 
  • Is your kitchen located in the right location in your home?
  • Would it be worth moving your kitchen to a better position within the house?
  • Write down the details on paper such as I want an island bench, I need a microwave at bench height. My cutlery drawer should be near the dishwasher, and the plates, etc. or I want a butler’s pantry.

Select the design:

While selecting the design proceed in this way. Kitchen Remodeling Cost Cleveland OH experts are quite professional in design selection as well, consult them also if you want to. 

  • Create a Pinterest board specifically for your favorite kitchen images 
  • Collect as many as you can over several days 
  • Pick 5 images from these and you’ll be able to find a style and design for your kitchen from them.

Your budget:

It’s meaningless what you want in your kitchen if you can’t afford that or your budget doesn’t allow you. Here are the price ranges to give you the right idea.

An average kitchen would cost around $15000-$25000. A medium-priced kitchen would cost nearly $25000-$45000 and a luxury kitchen would have a total cost of more than $45000. It can go to any number depending on your affordability.

Choose the appliances and fittings:

Appliances and fittings are a major part of kitchen expenses. There is a wide range of appliances like oven, cooktop, microwave, range hood, steamer, coffee machine, fridge or any other which you want to add. So, you should know your budget well. 

Once you’re done with the selection of appliances then carefully put together all measurements power requirements for each. You need these details when you see a kitchen designer because they need exact details. 

Choose windows, doors, and flooring:

Flooring would generally be a continuation of your other flooring throughout your living spaces. It has to be a surface that is easier to clean and durable as well because the kitchen is regarded as a high-traffic area. 

Most of the old designed kitchens have a single door. With open plan living, we like to open the kitchen to the rest of our living spaces. 

Work out if your doorways need to be opened up or removed altogether. In the case of windows, make sure that they are at the right location. 

Would you like to have a window to an outdoor area? Do your existing windows let in enough light?

Dining table and barstools:

Barstools and dining tables are the additional furniture items that allow your kitchen to work as a family space. 

Barstools are available in a variety of options and it’s up to you what style you want. Backless or not. Sometimes the style of your kitchen also allows you to select your bar stool. 

Choose a table to accommodate the number of people you need to and select a comfortable set of chairs on which you can sit for some time.

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