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How to Cook Rice in Instant Pot

Add moist rice, water, oil, and salt for your Instant Pot Rice and stir as soon as to combine. Lock lid and set the steam valve to a “sealing” position. Press the “rice” button or set it on the guide for five minutes. When the timer is going off, allow the rice to take a seat down for 10 minutes, then brief launch pressure.

Key Steps how to make rice in instant pot

  • Rinse the rice earlier than Rinsing rice earlier than cooking gets rid of any dust from processing, receives rid of the starch that may make the rice sticky, and, I’ve located, makes the rice flavor higher. According to Instant Pot’s manual, rinsing the rice additionally makes up for the small quantity of moisture misplaced in evaporation throughout the cooking process.
  • Use the proper ratio of rice to water. Instant Pot Rice indicates any rice may be cooked with a one-to-one rice-to-water ratio, however throughout testing, we located this wasn’t universally true — each amongst Instant Pot fashions and different multi-cookers. Use barely extra water while cooking brown rice and wild rice to save you from undercooking and scorching. Plus, it’s higher to err at the aspect of extra water, on account that maximum rice sorts may be tired if there’s extra moisture
  • Pressure prepare dinner the rice on high. Lock the lid in location and set to prepare dinner at HIGH stress for the subsequent times:

o White rice (basmati, jasmine): five minutes

o Long-grain brown rice: 10 minutes

o Wild rice: 15 minutes

  • Let the rice herbal launch for at least 10 minutes. Using herbal launch for rice yields fluffy effects and much less chance that the rice on the lowest of the pot will stick or burn.

Fluffing and Serving Instant Pot Rice

After 10 mins of herbal launch, the maximum of the strain has to be long past from the pot, however, at this factor, you could open the valve and launch any final strain. Use a fork to fluff the rice, and flip the Instant Pot Rice to the nice and cozy putting to maintain it warm for serving.


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Instant Pot Rice / Pressure Cooker White Rice chefs at High Pressure for simply three minutes! Once you grasp this clean Instant Pot recipe, you’ll get gentle white rice that comes out ideal each time.

White rice is one of my preferred strain cooker recipes for beginners. It’s a step up from the water test, however, it’s approximately as easy. It does take a couple of minutes for the strain cooker to strain up and a couple of minutes for the strain cooker to launch the strain. But I can position the rice, water, and salt inside the electric-powered strain cooker, lock the lid in the region and go away the room till the timer beeps.

I don’t must await the water to return back to a boil, I don’t must fear that I even have the rice simmering at simply the proper temperature. I simply set it and are available lower back to flawlessly cooked rice each time.

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