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Whenever friends go for tracking on mountains, or hilly areas, or even for the summer vacations to the places like Murree, or Dubai; the first thing in the backpack, they are concerned about is their clothing, and in the clothing, the most important thing is the trek pants.

Choosing the right trek pant is very very important because on the tour you can take only a few clothes. You can not take hole of the wardrobe with you. So, in this blog, we have explained all the qualities that your trek pant must-have.

Before you select the best trek pant for yourself by answering the given questions; we want to tell you that at the end of the blog we will be explaining to you; why you should not take yoga pants or jeans with you on the vacation.

Are Your pants lightweight?

Remember, when you will be hicking over the mountain, a single gram of weight will be giving the feeling of kilograms. Moreover, no one wants to carry a heavy backpack. Our regular pants weigh much more than the lighter trousers. So, the weight of your trousers must be less than 200 grams.

Can you dry your Trek pants easily?

When you are tracking on hilly areas, it is like an adventure, you do not know what is going to happen next. Travelers often find streams on their way and your pants are going to get wet while crossing. So, you must select a pant made of such material that gets dry easily and cotton is surely not an option. Later we are going to mention a super material that is fit to for the trek pants.

Can you easily clean your Trek pants?

The muddy wet path is going to make your pants dirty and if you are wearing jeans pant then definitely you can not clean them easily. You might think it is not a big deal but think if you fall on a dirty wet path, your whole jeans are now covered with mud. Now, it seems to concern you. Right! So, buy a pant that you can wash and clean easily with just water.

So, it is time to reveal that one material that has all these properties and that godly chosen material is Polyamide. Even, you can use Polyester if you do not find Polyamide Trek Trousers.

Polyamide vs Cotton:

The following table is going to explain to you which material is more fit for pants:


Property Cotton Polyamide/Polyester
Durability less more
Stretchability no yes
Lightweight no yes
Can be dried easily no yes
breathable no yes


Moreover, cotton loses its elasticity on getting wet and is not a warm material. Therefore, polyamide is the most suitable material.

Is your Trouser Stretchable:

You have to take long steps, jump and move around a lot on your way. Moreover, in the winter season, you will be wearing some layering like track pants or leggy. So, your trouser must be stretchable at your thighs and hips especially.

Is your trouser size fit?

Remember, you are to buy a trouser that is a bit loose and not skinny. You will be wearing two pairs of pants to increase the insulation. Two-layered thin pants provide more insulation as compared to a single thick one. Moreover, try to buy trek trousers 1 week before you go on a trip as the cloth needs time to shrink after washing it.

Does your trouser have suitable pockets?

Hackers while hicking place things like cell phones, compasses, snacks in their pockets. You do not want to lose our things on the way to hamaliya. So, trousers must have several pockets. What do suitable pockets mean?

Following is the list that answers this question:

  • They must be large and strong enough to hold multiple things.
  • They must be zipped, without zip things can fall from your pockets.
  • It is better if there are front pockets with zipping or with cover staps.

Check the finner details:

While buying trek trousers you should carefully watch the finner details, stated as:

  • The buttons should be strong enough to hold the pants along the weight of the stuff in your pockets.
  • It should be a tight fit with a simple cloth belt, otherwise, elastic trousers are also good. You should check the trouser after adding an adequate weight in the pockets, to see if the trouser needs a belt or not. Mostly, even elastic trousers require cloth belts to hold in place, said by trackers.

Price of the Trek Trouser:

Now comes the most important thing that you need to consider in mind while buying a pair of pants especially online. When you are looking for so many qualities in trekking pants then you have to spend some good money. Good trek pants are going to cost you 2000 to 3500 Pakistani rupees.

If you are buying a pair of pants that costs more than this then it is just a waste of money. You just need to look for the qualities a trekking pant should have and the price range, and you are done with it.

Which Type of Trek trousers to select?

There are two kinds of trousers available in the market. One is regular while the other can be converted into shorts known as convertible.

When you are going to such a region where the climate is not trustworthy. Anytime it can be sunny and the other second the sky is covered with clouds and the rain starts. So, you should choose Outdoor Wears such a pant that can be reduced to shorts reaching your knees. Mostly, travelers prefer convertible trousers to make them brief pants while sleeping in camps or moving around in sun.

We want to congratulate you if you have reached so far on this journey, and want to give a summary.

Buy a lightweight, breathable, easy to wash, loose fit, Polyamide trouser with zipped pockets and avoid replacing it with jeans or track pants.



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