How to choose the vacuum cleaner?

How to choose the vacuum cleaner

You have to buy a vacuum cleaner, a great help in household chores, but you don’t know where to start: the variety of models on the market is really generous and each appliance has features that could be right for you for the type of home and habits you have. But how do you choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs?

Types of vacuum cleaners:

Among the main factors in choosing the vacuum cleaner there is undoubtedly the type that could affect our decision based on the characteristics but also on the need that drives us to purchase. What and how many types of vacuum cleaners are there?


Electric Broom:

The electric broom is certainly more manageable and lighter than a vacuum cleaner and is perfect for those who have a house with stairs or with lots of furniture and hard-to-reach spaces. Thanks to its low weight and easy handling it is perfect for those who have to reach high places: however, it has the disadvantage of having a lower power in general than models with wire.

The electric brooms can be with or without wire: those with wire usually have a higher suction power but with the limit of the wire that can sometimes represent an obstacle. Cordless or so-called cordless electric brooms are certainly more practical to carry around the rooms but, on the other hand, the autonomy of the latter can represent a limit.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Definitely tempting appliance because it cleans the house independently while you are away from home or sitting comfortably on the sofa. It has the disadvantage of still costing a lot and not enough to have a perfectly clean house. These devices cannot be considered substitutes for a good vacuum cleaner, but only a complement.

Other features and functions of vacuum cleaners
Trailed vacuum cleaners and electric brooms have some additional features:

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner.The tank of a cyclonic vacuum cleaner is generally less capacious than a traditional bag, but can be more easily emptied and cleaned.
Suction of liquids: not all vacuum cleaners can suck water or liquids in general from the floor and surfaces; if you are interested in this feature, always check the characteristics of the vacuum cleaner to prevent it from being damaged.
Handheld vacuum cleaner. It is now common to find practical handheld vacuum cleaners incorporated into electric brooms.

Collection system:

There are two main systems for collecting dust and dirt and they are the one with the bag and the one with the bag less tank. Those without bags tend to maintain efficiency even with a full tank, unlike those with a bag.

Power and suction Capacity:

Other elements to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner are the power and suction capacity. The power,  is connected with the electricity.  The motor needs to run, is very variable. There are models on the market that range between 1200 and 2500 watts. You can choose according to your need from any popular website.


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