How to Choose the Best CPA Firm for Your International Business

As of 2020, the global accounting services market stood at $544.06 billion, projected to reach $735.94 billion in 2025.

Are you a small business owner looking for a CPA firm with experience in dealing with international businesses? The above figures go to show how vast the field is attracting many industry players. Thus, it can be challenging to distinguish the best CPA firm from the rest due to the number of players in the market.

Lucky for you, this article will talk about how to choose the best CPA firm for your international business.

Check Their Experience

Consider an accounting firm with more experience in international business. That way, you’ll be guaranteed the CPA firm you hire has adequate knowledge to provide whatever support your business needs. Consider the background of the company and which area in accounting they have more experience in.

A company that has been in the industry for a long time has more experience to tackle future challenges. A general rule of thumb is to consider a CPA firm with more than five years of experience in the industry.

The Services Offered

Consider the array of services the CPA firm offers and if they align with the needs of your global business. If you are looking for a tax accountant, consider a company that offers bookkeeping and tax services. Here are some of the services offered by a CPA firm;

● Tax
● Legal
● Corporate services
● Accounting and audit

Choose a company that can offer all the accounting services you need as those listed above. This will reduce the amount you spend outsourcing those services.


Consider the availability of the firm’s employees to attend to your needs even during the busy tax preparation season. Put into consideration scenarios where you might need the firm’s expertise and how fast they are likely to respond. Enquire about the number of accountants the firm has and the number in each niche profession such as tax services and auditing.


Ask the company about how they communicate with their clients to have an idea of how they keep tabs with their clients. The firm should have a clear communication system and structure to always indulge their clients. The firm should communicate the numbers and insights derived from the numbers to help inform your business decisions.

Their Confidentiality

The company will be dealing with your data that you might not want to disclose to the public. Thus, consider a company that practices high confidentiality with their clients’ accounting data. Hire a company that has well-thought-of data protection strategies to safeguard their clients’ data.

Make the Right Decision When Choosing a CPA Firm

Remember how much you pay the CPA firm is directly proportional to the quality of services you will receive. Incorporate the above pointers when making the decision to ensure you get the right CPA firm.

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