How To Choose A Perfume For Women

The perfume for women a female desire usually uniquely defines who she happens to be. And, every woman you know should have one! Moreover, whenever you walk into a room full of people, you want them to think you smell fragrant, too. However, let us face it – finding that perfect fit for a good perfume for women never comes easy! Honestly, you will not find it easy ever, if you have no idea where you should begin. There will be times when you may not have even the least of the clues as to what scent you want. You may also be clueless about what fragrance serves you the best! And, to your surprise, the process may end up being a little bit tedious and scientific. Do not fret. After doing ample research and carrying out several experiments, we may have brought you one step closer to finding the best perfume for women. Here is a quick tour of our guide to help you begin: 

Figure Out What Fragrance(s) You Want

The first thing that has to be executed when you buy perfumes for women is considering what scent would suit you the best. There are a series of scents that you could choose from – Citrus/Fruit, Floral, Musk/Spice, and Woody. On the other hand, if you are more into softer or feminine aromas, floral scents would work well for you. For instance, scents including lavender, cherry blossoms, and roses make for the best floral perfumes for women. But, again, citrus fragrances emit a bolder scent. These comprise your typical fruity smells, like those of apples, tangerines, or oranges. Next, if you are on the lookout for an earthy one, browse through scents like agarwood, cedarwood, patchouli, etc. Another famous fragrance on our list is musk. It gives way to a clean, linen-like aroma. All of these different kinds of scents can also be paired up with a bit of cinnamon, spice, caramel or vanilla. 

If you are someone who enjoys buying perfumes for women online, it always works the best to have at least two scent families in mind. For instance, you may want to smell something similar to roses one day and the ocean the very next. However, irrespective of what you choose, make sure that they form a part of your personality and represent it.

Consider The Concentration Levels Of Fragrances In Good Perfume For Women  

All the best perfumes for women are made up of different levels of fragrance oil concentration, ranging from lowest to strongest. Now, in other words, these stages decide the longevity of a scent – whether or not the scent will last throughout the day. And hence, when you make a purchase, do keep this in mind. After all, the scent bottles do reveal the level of concentration on them. In most cases, the higher the perfume oil concentration, the higher the price of the perfume. The four kinds of concentration are:

a.) Eau De Cologne – This kind of perfume for women has the lowest fragrance oil concentration. The scent tends to linger up to a maximum of 2 hours. It is made up of 5% perfume oil mixed with other essential ingredients like alcohol and water.

b.) Eau De Toilette – Although it still happens to be a diluted form of perfume for women, it is stronger than a cologne. It has a fragrance oil concentration of 8% and lasts up to at least 4 hours.

c.) Eau De Parfum – This variant is stronger than the last two ones that we have discussed. It lingers up to at least 6 hours and has around 18% oil & alcohol concentration.

d.) Parfum/Perfume – Perfumers often label it as Perfume. And, it has the highest perfume oil concentration levelling up to 30% and can last throughout the day. 

You may want to buy the best natural perfumes for women from online brand stores like Adiveda Natural. They offer alcohol-free, cruelty-free and gas-free fragrances for women and men. Moreover, they even provide unisex scents.

Simply Test, Test And Test!

We can never stress enough on this enough. However, you may want to evaluate a few things before you try out a good perfume for women at your local store. We suggest you order perfume tester sets from online brands like Adiveda Natural. They offer organic fragrances for all genders. All their tester sets showcase a variety of alcohol-free aromas packed in perfume miniatures. They are that long-lasting that you could even think of gifting them. Or, even better, go ahead and buy a full bottle of the fragrance you like, in general.

a.) Make sure that you do not wear any other fragrances on you. For example, a body mist, another perfume, and most importantly, even a body lotion. Why? Because when you do so, your body chemistry may react differently to the actual perfume for women than how originally it would have without the additional scented item. You should know that your body chemistry is unique and will decide how the scent will smell on you.

b.) When you go shopping for the best perfume for women, you may want to limit the number of fragrances you wish to try. Yes, you heard us right. It is always the best to try and test out anywhere between 3 to 6 perfumes per shopping trip.

c.) Always remember to spray the perfume for women in the air or on a blotting paper in the first go. Even before trying it out on your skin. Do you want to know why? This is because you shall know and understand what the female scent smells like on its own.

d.) Next thing to remember is to always spray a little perfume for women on your wrist. And, strictly a big no to mixing perfumes. The second step includes checking to see how the perfume reacts to your skin. And, last but not the least, understand how it smells on you. But, when you are done testing out one perfume, take a pause – a breather.  Make sure to try another scent after a few minutes. By doing so, your sense of smell can be neutralized.  

Now, however time-consuming picking a good perfume for women can get, the process always brings along fun and frolic. So, we wish you the best of luck with finding your perfect signature perfume for women, ladies!

Finding The Best Perfume For Women According To The Personality

Christian Dior once mentioned – A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. And, trust us when we say this – she has been right all along. If you wear a good perfume for women, it does tell a lot about your personality, too. The right kind of ladies perfume boosts every woman’s confidence and morale to a whole new level of demarcation, making them look and feel more pleasant, attractive and phenomenal.

Now, let us be completely honest with you. It is no hidden tale that different women fall in love with different kinds of scents. While some like to put on a floral fragrance, others may prefer the fruity scent more. And, the other women tilt more towards woody, oriental and musky perfume for women. So, all in all, opting for the best perfume for women is harder than it looks.

Another fact that we would like to throw your way is that ladies love to wear their perfume like it is their second skin. And, therefore finding a good perfume for women becomes important. The best perfume for women will instantly uplift and soothe your mood. Saying this, we mean that you will know when you have found the perfect one. After all, women and their personality traits play an integral role in determining the best perfume for them. Here is our complete list of the best perfumes for women with different ingredients and nodes that will portray your personalities better:

Shy Women

If you are a shy woman, then you may like subtle fragrances. Opt for perfume for women that contain scent notes of lavender or cherry blossom.  

Romantic Women

If you are the hardcore, die-hard romantic who is all about passion, sensuality and ferocity, you may want to pick a good perfume for women, which is strong with a tinge of romantic rose and fragrance of musk. Such a combination will work the best for you.

Sweet and Simple Women

Usually, the women who are sweet, soft-spoken, lively and adore simplicity prefer fruit-based perfumes that work the best for them. If you too have the girl next door personality, you may want to choose the best perfume for women with fragrances like peach, strawberry, melon and honey. These scents have pleasant fragrances alongside a sweet smell. Indeed a cologne with these will resonate with your personality.

Gender Neutral Perfumes for Women

If you are a girl who loves unisex fragrances that get preferred by both men and women, these will be the perfect notes you could vouch for – Leather, wood, patchouli, oud, musk, amber, vanilla, caramel and spearmint. These ingredients get commonly found in gender-neutral perfumes. 

By now, you must have understood how to buy a signature perfume for women, what factors to consider while purchasing them, what fragrance oil concentration to look for, and what scents would suit your personality as a woman the best. What are you waiting for? Splurge on the best perfume for women that serves you the best! Happy shopping!


Mini is a professional blogger and designer based in India. She works with Adiveda Natural and write about perfumes and beauty products.

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