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How To Buy Indian Groceries Online in Germany?

Indians always need to struggle for real and authentic Indian food taste in foreign countries.  sakarya escort bayan

This can be due to limited supplies or cultural change, as foreigners prefer the same taste. Therefore, Indians either need to stock up their grocery items from their India tour, which is not a practically possible option in the long run or look out for offline stores, which is also not as easy as it sounds.    

According to the latest published data, Germany and the other European countries are always on the hit list of Indians, providing good job scope with a secure future and admission to the best universities worldwide. 

Germany has around 7% of the total Indian population, comprising the people who have been staying in the country for more than two years.  akyazı escort bayan

This also raises the need for an Indian Grocery Store in Germany, though very rarely found. There are very few offline Indian grocery stores in Germany located in the outskirts of the country, further making it difficult for Indian ex-pats to travel these long distances frequently or regularly.  erenler escort bayan

Therefore, the only beneficial option left is the Online Indian Grocery Stores, delivering the essentials at your doorstep. 

What Trouble does Indians Face to Buy Indian Grocery in Germany?

Foreigners do not approve Indian taste so easily, reducing the demands in foreign countries, especially in Europe, further resulting in limited supplies. This sounds profitable and good to Europeans, but at the same time is the most significant troubling factor for Indians residing in European countries.  hendek escort bayan

Most Indians residing outside India are self-dependent, therefore managing their food and other related activities. 

If you want to prepare any Indian Cuisine dish, you need access to all the desi masalas and spices to get the actual Indian taste. But limited supplies cut short these demands, making it difficult for Indians to get the homely taste. 

Very few vendors deal with Indian Grocery products in Germany, providing only some limited brands and basic spices, which are not enough for desired preparations and taste. 

Due to less demand, you will find that most of the offline stores in Germany for Indian grocery products are located on the outskirts. Being a job employee or a student, you cannot spare enough time to travel this long distance regularly, making it challenging to gather the essentials.

How Can Indians Buy Online Grocery in Germany?

Indian Grocery Online in Germany 

Serving the best easy, and affordable solutions to Indians residing in Germany, Online Indian Grocery Stores are the best alternatives. There are multiple benefits of opting for online stores over offline markets as these provide you with better and more profitable deals, saving you extra time and effort.

 Let’s explore some of the major benefits of Online Grocery Stores in Germany, fetching easy answers for buying daily groceries in Germany.

  • Online shopping is one of the Most Convenient options, as you can easily place orders for your essentials either while sitting on the couch or while travelling in a cab or metro. This eliminates the need to spare extra time for a particular task.
  • We all are well aware that online stores provide More discounts and Offers as compared to offline markets allowing you to shop more with the same budgets.
  • Eliminating the space restrictions faced by offline stores, vendors have an option to list as many items as possible on their website, providing a Wide Selection Base to The Customers and leading to increased orders.
  • Online Shopping helps you save your extra travelling cost, as the website will deliver your Orders at Your Doorstep either free of cost or with minimal shipping charges.
  • Return And Exchange Policies are also one of the major benefits of online stores. Online Indian Grocery stores give you an option to return or exchange, if you’re not happy with the items.

Relating all the pointers mentioned above with Online Indian Grocery Stores in Germany, these will help your extra time that you need to spare out from your busy schedules. Also, to plan a day to purchase grocery items. Moreover, it provides you with a feasible option of selecting from multiple Indian brands and categories. Allowing you to order at your ease.

Dookan Online Grocery Store for Asian Expats 

Indian Grocery Online in Germany

After reading out all the benefits of Online Indian Grocery Stores, you might be searching for the best store over the internet. 

Dookan is the best one-stop-shop for all your desi needs, serving easy answers and the best tastes to your platter. 

Dookan is one of the oldest Online Indian Grocery stores, dealing with more than the top 10 Indian brands and providing the most categories for Indian supplies. Options available with Dookan include chapati flour, flour mixes, grains, condiments, pastes, spices, beverages, instant food, snacks, fresh fruits, vegetables, personal and home care products.

Adding to these categories, the website also has a separate discount and offers tab where you can easily scroll down all the available options at their best deals. Some of the best offers for the website include promotional offers, bundle offers and stock clearance offers.

  • Promotional Offers are for the categories that have been recently launched by top brands, trying to get the reviews for the same.
  • If you plan an Indian Cuisine Dinner for your foreign friends, then Bundle Offers the best deals for you. This allows you to place big orders at reasonable rates.
  • Stock Clearance Offer applies to the products that are not left in many quantities. Grab the last few pieces under this tab at the lowest possible prices. 

Dookan also provides its customers with an easy 14-Days Return Policy from the date of delivery. This says that if you are not satisfied with your orders or have placed the wrong orders, you have an option to request the returns or refund for the same, thereby making it the ideal Indian Online Grocery Store. 


If you are an Indian residing in Germany or any other European country, you might also be struggling with Indian Groceries. Promoting easy and affordable solutions for your needs, Dookan has the list of best offers for you.  karasu escort bayan

Book your Dookan Weekend Delivery Slots now to get your orders delivered on weekends. If you’re hosting the best weekend party for your friends go for Dookan.

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