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How to Build Online Marketing Strategies: Everything You Need to Know

The explosion of the digital world has given businesses marketing opportunities they never could have dreamed of years ago.

The web represents a brand new frontier and a new world in which to connect with consumers. With the average person spending hours and hours a week on their devices, the potential of connection is ample.

That doesn’t always mean it’s easy, however. Breaking out from the noise of the internet can be difficult, and it’s easy for your words or images to get lost in a wave of content. That’s why it’s important to learn how to build online marketing strategies properly.

Properly deploying online marketing tools can ensure you connect with consumers and make that all-important impression. What do you need to know about marketing businesses online? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics you should get familiar with.

Define Your Audience

Pretty much every demographic spend a lot of time on the web. Ignore whatever stereotypes you’ve heard about teens with their heads in their phones: we all spend an insane amount of time online, no matter our age or background.

As in any kind of marketing, throwing a wide net and trying to capture the attention of each and every person that goes online is going to be difficult to impossible. You just won’t be able to manage that kind of reach, and providing content that is this broad won’t connect with anyone.

Instead, you’ll want to narrow down your focus and try to hit specific target audiences. The more narrow your focus is, the more fine-tuned content you create and the more conversions you’ll be able to make.

Are you able to sum up the kind of buyer you expect to come into your store in one to two sentences? If you can’t, you’ve got some work cut out for you.

Maybe your ideal customer is a working-class stay-at-home mother who is styling but price-conscious. Or perhaps your ideal customer is an older man of Latin descent, retired and with ample time on their hands. It could be anything – the most important thing is you know exactly who you’re selling to.

With a description like this in mind, you can craft a much better marketing strategy. You can do research on where this kind of person spends their time online and what kind of things they respond to.

You can then use this information in the context of your own marketing efforts, helping push you towards more guaranteed success.

Identify and Define Your Goals

Ready to launch a great marketing campaign? Well, you’re still not ready yet. Outside of your target audience, you’ll also need to properly identify what your goals for this campaign are.

There are a lot of different things a business might try to get out of a digital marketing push, and you won’t be able to judge your success unless you know what you’re striving towards.

Are you trying to bring more people into your in-person store? Trying to get more sales from your online store?

Just trying to get wider brand awareness out there, or trying to alter your brand in the eye of consumers? Connect with old consumers and make a sale, or new ones and expand your reach?

As you can see, your goals should be more specific than just to ‘help your business succeed.’ The more specific of a goal you have, the more you can engineer your marketing campaign to reach that goal. It also allows you the opportunity to decide how best to measure your success or failure.

If you launched your campaign to expand your e-mail list and leads, for example, you’ll be able to judge that off how many new sign-ups you get.

With goals in mind, and the target audience picked out, you can finally begin the work of crafting a marketing plan that will address both.

Craft a Plan & Choose the Tools

How exactly you hone your marketing plan will depend on your goals and the target audience you’re trying to reach. Your research should have revealed where your target audience spends the most time and what they respond to.

You’ll want to hone in on these areas and create content there that can push these consumers towards your goal.

If your target audience spends a lot of time on Instagram, and your goal is to get them to come into your store, consider dropping special promotions on Instagram that reward in-person visits.

Work to create media that can help to get the message you want about your business out in a clear and concise way. You might need to hire professionals to help with this goal unless you have a great marketing department within your business already.

You can learn more about how best to craft such materials to ensure you’re prepared for the launch of your new campaign.

Make sure you’re ready to connect with the consumers that you do attract. Ensure your website is updated, and have a mobile-friendly website prepared as well for those who will visit you on their phones.

How to Build Online Marketing Strategies

If you’re looking to improve the overall visibility of your business, you’ll need to get familiar with how to build online marketing strategies. The above information can help you to understand how to approach this work and some best practices in getting it all off the ground.

Need more advice for your business? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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