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How To Build A Social Network Platform That Grows Your Brand

Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and the number continues to grow. Since the arrival of Netflix and OnlyFans like popular platforms, the social media industry has been flourishing everywhere. All because of the increasing number of smartphone users that give rise to new opportunities which can be further shaped into brilliant social media platform ideas. This means that entrepreneurs have a good chance of becoming a part of the growing online market and can take steps towards building social media platforms.

If you’re planning to build a social network platform, you’ve reached the right place. Here is the only guide on how to build a social network platform. We’ll give you detailed insights on building a social media platform for entertainment like OnlyFans or Netflix. Let’s dive in:

Interesting Stats About The Growing Social Media Space

Based on the recent reports, more than 90% of millennials use the social networking platform, whereas 80% of companies use social media platforms for marketing or the purpose of generating revenue. The potential of growing social networking means the number of active users will increase and reach over 5 billion by 2025 globally. And with the increase in active users on social media platforms, it’s a good chance to build a social network platform for entertainment using Onlyfans Clone script and become a dominant player. 

Various Types of Social Networking Platforms

The social media industry is quite promising for many entrepreneurs out there. Isn’t it true? If you agree and are interested in building your own social networking platform, it’s time for you to know the popular categories. They include:

Social Media Networks: It is the most prevalent social networking service that helps users build connections with familiar people they don’t know in real life yet. The most striking example of this is the “Facebook” platform.

Professional Websites: LinkedIn is the top example of this. Such a platform allows professionals, regardless of industries, to communicate conveniently. On these websites, professionals can discuss business matters, arrange interviews, and even seek jobs. 

Entertainment Sites: Netflix and OnlyFans are the most famous examples of entertainment websites. Such types of websites unite users in accordance with their hobbies. They really enjoy such communities because they are a way to search for compatible people. 

Educational platforms: Users can pick any learning course as per their interests. An online educational web service bridges the gaps between students and teachers. They can interact online, gain access to new learning opportunities, and take advantage of social network features. 

Media Sharing Platforms: Users can join media sharing sites to exchange media content, including images, videos, and audio. The top popular examples of these sites are Youtube and Instagram. 

Dating Sites: There are also so many dating websites that are increasingly becoming popular. Such types of sites help people find their soulmates, and one as the owner of the site gets a chance to earn from it. 

Informational Websites: Quora and Reddit are the best examples of informational sites. These websites help people find relevant answers to specific questions. When Google is unsuccessful in finding the appropriate responses to questions, a solution like information websites works great here. Users have a higher chance of getting advice from those who have already faced similar problems. 

What A Perfect Social Networking Platform Implies

A perfect social networking platform has to meet certain criteria. It should be: 

Responsive: A responsive UI/UX means a lot because more than 80% of users access social networking sites via their smartphones. 

Decentralized: P2P is the best model. It allows you to create a social media website that doesn’t depend upon central infrastructure. 

Secure & protected: Your social media platform must be secured from unpleasant situations. That’s why you need to consider the protection factor, including encryption/signature keys, blockchain data storage, etc. 

A Step-by-Step Guide – How To Make A Social Media Platform 

Make A Start With A Unique Concept

When it’s about building your own social network platform, it’s necessary to start with an original idea and think over the completely unique concept. You can start with asking a few questions to yourself like:

What Type of Social Media Platform Are You Planning To Build?

As we already discussed the different types of social media networking sites, choosing the niche of your interest is your turn.  

What Would You offer To Attract More Users?

Here we are talking about the unique features, loyalty programs, and so on that will help make your platform different from competitors. 

What is the name of your platform that attracts massive users?

You need to come with a catchy name for your social networking site that can be easily memorized. 

In-depth Research Is Vital Than Ever

Once you have finalized the basic concept, you need to further conduct a competent study that involves:

  • General market research – You need to find out the current market situation.
  • Competitive analysis – You need to know your competitors and what they are offering to their users. 
  • Find your target audience – It’s also useful to find out who your target audience is and what they want. 

Focus What’s Your Key Requirement

Now you’ve finally figured out what and whom you are going to offer your platform, the next is to prepare a list of requirements. If you are on the road to how to build a social network platform of high competitiveness, you need to give your focus on the following issues:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • The ability to store user data

Defining Features & Functionality

The needs of your target audience will outline the features when it comes to developing a social networking website. To build a social networking platform that grows massive customers, you can consider adding the following features:

Registration: The platform needs to have multiple options to get registered. The process of registration needs to be as straightforward as possible. This means it excludes all the unnecessary steps. 

Profile Creation: Creating a profile is the next step after registration. Users can include specific information in their profiles and easily access the content they want.

Full-featured search filter: The feature within the social network website helps people find and connect with each other.

Notifications/Alerts: It’s just another essential feature of the social network website that can be used to notify others about certain information. 

Sessions in Real-Time: Members of entertainment apps like OnlyFans and Netflix can access videos in real-time on websites. 

Post scheduling: This feature allows users to schedule the posts or post the content for their followers for a specific country or zone. 

Multiple Online Payment Methods: This allows users to pay through any desired digital payment methods for any exclusive service or feature. 

Technical Background to Build A Social Networking platform

Front-end development: This will include all those elements that are visible to the end-users. It uses technologies like:
  • Programing languages: JavaScript
  • Markup languages: HTML5, CSS3, etc.
  • JavaScript frameworks: Angular, React, etc.
Back-end development: It is the server-side where all the main features of a website operate. The technology stack includes:
  • Programming languages: Ruby
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails
  • Database servers: MySQL
  • Web servers: Apache
  • Cloud server platforms: Amazon Web Services

Choose The Right Technology Partner!

Whether you need a social media network platform like Onlyfans for entertainment or a video streaming app using Netflix Clone take a step to hire the company that can help you transform your idea into reality. Hiring a professional is a great move to know how to build a social network platform while saving you time and money. You need to prepare a list of relevant questions to ask a professional to make the ideal decision. The prepared list of questions will allow you to analyze the technology and solutions either matching your idea or not. 

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