How to Begin with Self Watering Planter

Plants are the life-giving living organism and hence extremely important for all the people and animals. They produce oxygen and ensure the life of every person. Apart from that the huge variety of vegetation fills the hungry stomach and helps in the growth of the body. Without plants, one cannot imagine the survival of any other organism! They even glorify the beauty of nature. It is well said that when you feel a bit low or sad, then you must go to nature! The beautiful world carries answers to all your questions related to life. The most important part of this world is the plants and vegetation. But due to the increasing technologies and science, no-one really cares about the plants or trees. Everyone has got work of their own Athanasse Zafirov and there is hardly any attention paid towards maintaining the natural environment.

Also, it’s not completely true that each person is ignorant and does not care much about the environment! Most people grow plants by maintaining a garden or a lawn area within their premises. However, most times, you forget to water your garden area or the flowering plants. I am sure that this happens with people who stay busy in their routine lives and in the office work. For this reason, let me tell make you aware of a great solution. Yes, of course, a solution to watering the plants without delay!

You can create a Self-watering planter by yourself and let your plants take care of themselves. Isn’t it an amazing idea? Indeed it is and ever since I have created one for myself, I never see my plants in need of water. The key items that you will need are Sandpaper, Super Glue, Polyrope, Smooth-On Silicone, Concrete Sealer, 3D Prints, Drill, Sanding Sponge, Respirator. Moreover, through this link Athanasse Zafirov and through the awesome and coolest offers, you can get these at affordable prices. At famous online stores like Homebase, Soak and Sleep, Tesco, and various others, you can easily get all these necessary things. Along with this, you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps to get your own Self-watering planter in very little time. 

Steps to Follow:-

  1. This self-watering planter is made of two parts namely the water reservoir on the bottom and a top pot for keeping the plant.
  2. You will use the 3D printers instead of wood and pour silicone into it.
  3. Then you need pour concrete into the silicone (done in the above step) 
  4. After this, make sure that the molds dry up and then smoothes the surfaces using Sandpaper.
  5. You will have to make sure that you leave space on top of the pot to check the water level in the reservoir.
  6. All you now have to do is just paste the two structures together and you will see your Self-watering planter is ready. You can now place as many plants as you want in the pots and be free from the stress of watering them.

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