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How To Apply For NISM Exam, Offline, Online Certification: Complete Guide

If you are looking for financial markets and securities certification, you must go for the NISM certification course. In this article, we will explain how to apply for the NISM exam, with the fees structure of that exam. Before enrolling in NISM, knowing the exams, fees, and syllabus is mandatory. Let’s start the journey about how to apply for the NISM exam. 

Security Board of Exchange (SEBI) found the National Institute of Securites. This is a certification of the exam by which a person can gain knowledge of the financial market. In this certificate program, the securities subjects are profoundly focused and understood. 

In finance, the NISM certification course has numerous educational modules and training. If any person wants to get settled abroad, he can enrol for the NISM certification course. 

How To Register Online For NISM Certification?

Through the official website of NISM, you can fill out the given form. One needs to fill in the correct details in the given format. Once you fill-up the form, you will receive an activation link in your mail. You have to click on that. Although with this, you need to attach some personal documents like Pan Card, Adhar Card, post-graduation/graduation mark sheet and one passport size photo of yours.

Your registration was completed successfully after paying the exam fees via net banking or debit card facility. Once you pay the fees and fill up the form, your registration for NISM exam certification is achieved. 


How To Apply For Offline Registration

If any person is comfortable filling offline form, he can also go through the offline process. In the offline method, you need to do some things like fill out the form and attach the essential details like Pan or Adhar Card with the examination form. And at last, you can send it to any of the six NSEIL offices for submitting your form. 

How To Enroll For NISM Exams?

Once you have filled up your form, you must select the exam date, time slot, centre for exams, and subject. Choosing date and timing of exams is all depend on the choice and comfort of candidate . Although after the completion of all these parameters, the candidate can give an exam. 

Eligibility Criteria 

A person below 30 years of age can only apply for NISM exams. Although before applying for these exams one should have a basic knowledge of computers and English. Those students who wants to build they career in economic, commerce and finance management fields so they can  enrol in the NISM exam . However, to qualify for the NISM exam, students should contain 50% aggregate marks. 

Exam Dates

After enrolling for the exams, the examination date should be decided within 180 days. In available time slots, candidates can select the exam timing meanwhile the centre also.   If you want to get more knowledge regarding centre or exam timing, you can visit the official NISM website.

Can Exams Reschedule?

 Yes, rescheduling of exams can be possible, but it can be possible before the 15 days of your NISM examination. If you can’t do this within 15 days, then the chances of rescheduling become less. 

Centers For Test

From 175 major cities candidates can choose the centre suitable to them. Although if the candidate enrolled via NISM, the candidate could give an exam in any of the test centres of NISM.

What Is the NISM Exam Fee?

In this guide on applying for the food NISM exam, here is the most important question asked by many candidates: its fees structure. Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred (Rs 1500) is the only fees for NISM certification. However if any student wants to enroll for then those students need to pay Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred Only (Rs 1200) NISM- Series- V-B: Mutual Fund Exam Certification . But when it comes to non-compulsory examination fees, the then-candidate needs to pay Rupees One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty-Five Rupees Only (Rs 1725).

How To Prepare For NISM Certification Exam 

After completing the admission form submission process, students can easily downlam. Although it is not fix that every question in the exam comes from the course material given from the official website of NISM.But once you complete the study material given by NISM then you can easily solve most of the questions that come in the exam. That’s why it is always suggested that students check the previous year’s question paper to determine the difficulty level of the exam. However, students can aslo get support from Best Stock Market Institute in Delhi, where the well experienced will help every candidate clear the examination with good scoring marks. 

The Day Of Exam 

It is always suggested to reach the exam centre before the 30 minutes of beginning the exam. Also, carry every critical document and admit card before visiting the examination centre. Downloading admit card can be easily done through the NISM account or from the mail given at the time of registration.

NISM exam duration is 2 hours. But always remember harmful marking method is follow in the NISM exam. From you, each wrong answer 25% of marks will be deducted. Although it comes to NISM-Series-V-B-Mutual Fund Foundation exam, the chances of negative marking are zero. However, the passing score depends on the subject you choose. After the submission of your paper, your marks will reveal immediately. Always collect your score marks card from the observer. 

Certification And Results

After getting to know how to apply for the NISM exam, let’s start a discussion on its certification and results.After completion of exam the total score you achieved will be announced immediately. But to qualify, the exam candidate needs to score at least 60% or more than it. However, the candidate will receive the certification within 15 days. If you didn’t receive your certification, you could call on NISM helpline number for any reason. Further, the validation of the NISM certificate will remain for three years. 

Can Renew of NISM Certificate be Possible?

Yes, it is possible to renew the NISM certificate. As we know, the certificate’s validity will remain for three years after completing three years. One can renew his NISM certificate. According to NISM guidance, one needs to apply for the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) 

What is Remote Proctored NISM Exam?

 The candidate who wants to give exams from their offices or home will apply for the remote proctored NISM exam. However, for providing a remote NISM exam, there are some essential things that students should have with themselves: laptop or desktop, proper connectivity of the internet, with stable connectivity microphone and webcam. However, there is the need for minimum bandwidth of 512kbps. If your candidates don’t have a desktop or laptop, they can give NISM a remote proctored exam from a cell phone or tablet. 

What Type of Setup Should Make For NISM Remote Proctored Exam?

Once you known about how to apply for the NISM exam, before starting a remote proctored exam, it is always suggested to check your setup and surroundings. Let’s review some following points which should be check before starting the exam.

  • Always make sure that your desk is neat and clean also no gadgets, books should be there. 
  • Secondly, always sit near the light source. It is suggested to never sit behind the light source. If you sit behind it, your face will not show properly due to light reflection. 
  • Next, always check the background behind you. It should be plain white. Avoid the printed and designed wall.
  • For understanding the whole examination process, watch the tutorial video. Never skip it. 
  • The most important is to check internet connectivity. Also, for the uninterrupted examination process, always check the power supply. 
  • Keep identity proof besides yours. You show it whenever it is needed.  

At last, all you want is to sit in a neat and clean place with proper lighting. 

Can Talking be Possible During NISM Remote Proctored Exam?

No, talking in the mid of the exam is not possible. However, you can give exams in your comfort zone. Maintaining the decorum of the exam is the essential thing candidate need to do. While passing NISM remote proctored exam, candidates should consider the room an examination hall. If any person sees behind you or noise comes from the backside, you will be disqualified from the exam. 

For Calculation Can We Use Rough Sheet or Cell Phone?

No using cell phone or rough sheet for calculation is not allow during the NISM remote proctored exam. Remember, candidates should take that exam seriously. If any analysis is there in the exam, you will get the scientific calculator on your desktop screen. However any kind of disturbance seen then you will be terminated from exam.

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Is There Any Dress Code For The NISM Exam?

The NISM exam is online-based but maintain decorum and wear formal attire. Wearing tie, suit or some extra clothes is not compulsory. One just need dress up in formal or semi formal formal clothes. 

Final Say 

This article mentioned how to apply for the NISM exam, although NISM exams can be conduct offline and online. One needs to follow all the etiquettes while giving any of this exam mode. Also, in the offline exam, the advantage of selecting a centre or choosing the date or time of exams can be determine by candidates according to the comfort. And when it comes to offline exams, candidates need to follow all the etiquette of NISM exams, and they need to maintain silence and behave like they are in the examination hall.

If you want to clear NISM exam in first attempt then you can join the Best Stock Market Course in Delhi. Here  more than 15 years of experience faculty will teach you the right ways of leaning and make sure that you can clear your exam in first attempt.

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