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How to Adjust to Life in a Senior Living Facility

Senior living is a concept that encompasses a variety of lifestyle and housing options for individuals aged 55 and above. If you have made the move into a senior living facility, it will take time to get settled in. Being in an unfamiliar environment may be frightening at first, but as you get to know other residents and get a feel for the community, you’re sure to make the most of this next chapter in your life. With that in mind, here are some useful tips on how to adjust to a senior living community.

Give Yourself Time

If you’ve always been fiercely independent, going into senior living can feel like a huge change. During the first week, don’t rush into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. You may need a few days to unpack, familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, and get settled. Make sure you decorate your new place with sentimental pieces from home. Hanging up photos of loved ones or bringing your favorite quilt can be comforting.

Take Part in Activities

There is a plethora of activities you can participate in at a senior living facility. For example, Belmont Village has an assisted living Encinitas facility that builds activities around physical exercise, mental fitness, and nutrition. If you enjoy being active and on your feet, make sure to check out the complex’s activity calendar. This can be a fantastic opportunity to make friends too!

Senior Living Facility

Get Into a Routine

As you climatize to your senior living facility, getting into a routine can help you get the most out of your day. Once you find hobbies and activities you enjoy, make it a priority to attend them regularly. If you’ve always been organized and like to structure your day, there’s no need to stop doing it now. From what time you wake up to going to sleep, having a routine can decrease stress, promote better sleep, and lessen anxious thoughts.

Talk to Your Neighbors

You may feel isolated when you first move into senior living. This is a normal emotion to experience. However, don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and engaging with your neighbors. You’ll find they’re a friendly bunch and always willing to welcome new residents. As you get to know the community, you can create long-lasting friendships that will make your stay pleasant. You’re bound to have something in common with a neighbo01r too!

Invite Loved Ones Over

When moving into a senior living complex, that doesn’t mean you can’t invite loved ones over. Whether it’s family or friends, having people come to visit will give you something to look forward to. As they arrive, you can show them around your new community. Also, having someone you know by your side can put you at ease and make it easier to speak to other residents and staff.

Senior living communities have a wealth of benefits. These include being more active, getting to socialize with others, and most importantly, enjoying the most out of life. You may feel unsteady at first, but as you do all the above, you’re sure to flourish in your senior living facility.

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