How the Finance Industry is Harnessing AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows and evolves, more industries seek to use it. While people associate AI with the computer and tech industry, other areas can use it such as the finance industry. As you understand how the finance industry can utilize AI, you’ll see how your business can take advantage of it and use the resources available.

Automated Data Collection

If the finance industry wants to survive, it needs to understand data and collect information as necessary. For example, they need to see how the industry develops if they want to offer their services to businesses or individuals. After all, tax season becomes complicated when people run businesses, so they need to hire accountants.

As more businesses form and freelancers work, the finance industry needs to reach out to them. Doing so will help them get more work and clients to expand their industry, so AI can keep them informed. On top of this, they can also use AI to collect information about specific businesses and reach out to them.

After all, when a business has more data, it can make smarter decisions.

Image Annotation

You may ask “what is image annotation,” so you must understand what it offers before you use it. Image annotation refers to a process where people add comments to an image as a way to train AI. They do this by identifying key points on the image for the AI to focus on, so it collects the important data from images.

For example, if the finance industry wants the AI to pick out key information from finance documents, it can use image annotation. Doing so will show the AI where to focus its efforts as it collects data to help those in the industry. That way, the AI develops further while the finance industry utilizes it to specifically help with its financial challenges.

Profit and Loss Tracker

AI does a great job of automatically calculating numbers while keeping track of key details. For example, you can use AI to input specific numbers into the system and have it add them together. That way, if you keep adding your profits throughout the year, you can find out how much money you made at the end of the year.

On top of this, the AI can see when businesses face losses and add them to the calculation. Doing so allows the business to avoid miscalculations and issues as they prepare for the tax season. On top of this, accountants can double-check their calculations with the AI to ensure they didn’t lose any important information while they prepared for the tax season.

Automated Scheduling Programs

Those in the finance industry need to schedule appointments and meetings, but keeping track of those details can quickly become difficult. Because of this, the finance industry will use automated scheduling programs as an effective form of AI to help them out. The software allows them to automatically add clients to the schedule, so they don’t have to do it themselves.

For example, a person may want to meet with your business and discuss finances, so the scheduling program will offer times to the person. Once the client chooses a time, the software will automatically add it to the schedule. Not only does this save time, but it streamlines the work while minimizing mistakes to help everyone involved with the scheduling process.

Reminder Texts and Emails

As the appointments approach, people sometimes forget about them. After all, people live busy lives, so they may forget about an appointment they set months in advance even if they need help with their finances. Because of this, the finance industry will utilize reminder texts and emails to avoid any no-shows or rescheduling problems with its clients.

The AI will send reminder messages to the clients 24 hours before the appointment and ask them to confirm it. That way, they remember the appointment they planned to go to while also reassuring the accountant of their arrival. The process helps both the accounting company and the clients communicate with each other to avoid issues, so neither side needs to face unnecessary planning problems.


Interestingly, the finance industry can take advantage of chatbots to help people with their finances. Sometimes, people go online to seek advice from an accounting firm or similar businesses. However, the firm wants to make sure they have their accountants work with people who need help with complicated situations. Because of this, they’ll use chatbots for simpler financial questions.

For example, if a person just wants to learn about the services available, a chatbot can offer the information. Businesses can also identify different ways to utilize the chatbot as they help people with their financial situations. As the industry continues to use chatbots, they can identify more ways to take advantage of AI, focus on improving their strategies and develop their plans.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads allow businesses to reach out to specific leads and focus their ads on those people. That way, they don’t send their ads to random people and hope they end up becoming clients. Instead, the finance industry can send out targeted ads to identify key clients in businesses who need their help with finances and accounting.

As you work with websites, you can ask them if they’ll let you use targeted ads, so your ads only appear to those in your demographics. This approach allows the finance industry to focus on business owners and similar people to save some money. They can even use targeted ads for jobs and similar positions if they wish to expand their businesses and hire people.


Taking advantage of artificial intelligence and everything it has to offer will help you in the finance industry or that portion of your business. Make sure you understand what AI offers to help you utilize it and identify more ways to implement it into your work. As you do so, you can streamline multiple processes, save money and identify ways for your area to succeed and grow.

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