How Switch from Tally On-Premise to Tally on Cloud Boost Business Productivity?

Comparing Tally on Cloud vs Tally On-Premise

In this article you will learn about how it becomes crucial for the major business houses to switch from Tally On-Premise to Tally Software on Cloud. We also compare both Tally on Cloud vs Tally On-Premise. There are so many users who wants to know prime difference between On-Premise vs Cloud. So, we will take the example of Tally Software Online to better understand this case study.

Difference Between Tally On-Premise vs Tally on Cloud:

At present, there are so many factors for a company to consider whether Tally On-Premise Infrastructure is good to Tally on Cloud Infrastructure. There is no doubt, cloud computing offers great advantages to the users in comparison of On-Premise work culture. It gives flexibility to the enterprises like save their time & capital investment, security, backup & disaster recovery.

In Case of On-Premise Tally Accounting Software, all of Tally data will be stored on company’s own server. All of the security scrutiny will be done on behalf of the company itself. However, On-Premise Tally software is highly reliable, & secure to allow enterprise full control over the data.

But the major problem that arises among the users is how to access on-premise data from Home. We all know that world is going through a deadly Covid-19 pandemic & hence a work from home environment becomes a suitable & necessary. So, accessing Tally on-premise data at home is not possible & hence businesses are facing large decline in Business work productivity.

Leveraging Tally Online Over Tally On-Premise:

The best solution of such queries is hosting Tally data on Cloud storage instead of on-premise location. You cannot access data stored on your On-Premise Servers from remote location. But, by host your Tally data on Server will leverage & increase your data accessibility. No matter it’s a large, small or medium enterprise, Tally software always gives you a full control to manage your all accounting tasks including sales/purchase/salaries/invoices etc.

Tally is an account & ERP management software that can only be used by installing on a Windows PC. It stores all its data on user’s computer instead of Tally Server. Hence, Tally software can only be used on a single device. Tally comes up with two license editions i.e. Single User License (Silver) & Multi-user License (Gold).

Remote accessibility can be enabled in Tally software but that will not allow to access & sync the data stored on On-Premise servers. You can only access Tally software once at a single instance. But, with Tally Software on Cloud service, you can easily access your Tally data from anywhere at any time.

Comparing Features of Tally On-Premise vs Tally on Cloud:

This table will give you a detailed explanation of difference between Tally On-Premise Software vs Tally on Cloud.

Features Tally On-Premise Tally on Cloud
Online Access No Yes
Disaster & Backup Recovery

Infrastructure Scalability





Web Security No Yes
Remote Printing Facility No Yes
Cost-effective No Yes
Live Chat Support No Yes
Access Anytime No Yes


As from above we can easily understand that Tally on Cloud offers unlimited advantages over Tally On-Premise. Data on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere at anytime without any problem. There are large number of advantages that comes up along with Tally Online Service.

Benefits of Tally on Cloud:

It offers users a large number of advantages to its users as some of them are listed below:

  • Advanced Data Security Layer: You should not be worried about the security of your data. Tally Software on Cloud service stores data on tier-IV data center with 8 security layers. It is almost impossible for outsiders to reach your data. It also comes up with advanced Data Flow encryption mechanism to protect Tally data from external intrusion.
  • Enable Tally Remote Access: It enables Tally remote access on multiple devices concurrently. Tally on Cloud stores data on cloud server storage location & hence can be shared on multiple machines in a single instance. The data can be synchronized in real-time with the server to keep it integrated.
  • Centralized Server Storage: Generally, Tally can only be used within a single office. But in case of multiple offices located at different locations within an enterprise, using separate Tally software for each office certainly increase cost & investment. Luckily, Tally on Cloud offers you a centralized server storage to host multiple offices data on a single platform.
  • Access Tally Single Edition on Multiple Devices: It increases the Tally software accessibility on all devices. Tally software, by default can only be used on Windows devices. But with Tally Accounting Software Online service, you can access it on all OS devices including Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobiles, Laptops, PCs, etc.
  • Easy Taxation with GST-Ready Software: Tally ERP 9 Software on Cloud is completely GST ready & makes all taxation work easier for the users. It gives you a Live Chat support 24*7 to resolve your issues. On cloud, user must not be worried about

Final Words:

In the above blog we try to find out the major difference between Tally On-Premise vs Tally accounting software on Cloud software. With Tally on Cloud Service, you can anytime access & use the software. You can easily upgrade all the resources according to the requirement. It offers wide flexibility & reliability to the users & support them to manage accounting resources easily. There is no doubt Tally Software on Cloud always have leverages over Tally On-Premise & hence if you also want to use Tally on Cloud, then kindly contact us below & call the number.

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