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How Soon Can You See Results With Coolsculpting?

When you want to work on your body, you expect results depending on the method of fat reduction that you use. Coolsculpting is one of the most effective methods that you can use. However, coolsculpting results take time to take effect. 

Coolsculpting helps you get body goals without liposuction or surgery. You can have the treatment whether you are a male or female. Also, the treatment is suitable for all skin types, except when you have a condition that gets worse when you get into contact with cold temperatures. 

What is Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is the process of applying cold temperature over an area with stubborn fats in a bid to burn the fat cells. Thus, it’s a body contouring process that you can get in high-end spa, medispa, and coolsculpting clinics. 

You can have coolsculpting in up to nine areas of your body. The coolsculpting applicators target the pockets of stubborn fats and freeze them to death.

Coolsculpting started when a doctor noticed that children who loved popsicles had well-contoured cheeks compared to their counterparts. From there, scientists took the initiative to research the effects of cold temperatures on fat cells. They found out that fat cells have a high sensitivity to cold. Thus, when you expose fat cells to low temperatures, they die slowly. 

Estheticians control the temperatures to a level that will not cause hyperthermia. Also, they ensure that your muscles and other body cells are safe. The duration of the treatment will depend on the size of the fat layer. 

Coolsculpting is non-invasive and painless. Thus, you do not need anesthesia before the process. The body cells get numb from the cold temperatures. However, you feel some discomfort before the skin goes numb. Some patients experience some pain at the end of the process when the esthetician massages the treatment area. Massaging is necessary as it helps to disintegrate the frozen dead fat cells for easier metabolism. It also helps avoid lumps on the skin due to frozen cells.        

How Long It Will Take to See Coolsculpting Results

The coolsculpting session takes between 20-50 minutes, depending on the area of treatment. The thickness of the fat layer also determines the duration you use one session. However, the duration does not reflect the time you will need coolsculpting results

You will see a reduction of the fat layer four weeks after the first session. It is because your body needs some time to metabolize and eject the dead fat cells. The process is gradual and you need patience. 

You will see optimum results at least a month after your final session. The number of sessions you have will depend on the outcome you expect and the initial fat layer during the first session. 

Many clients will only have three sessions. However, there are a few cases that may need four sessions and others one or two sessions. 

Since coolsculpting results come gradually, many people prefer the process because it’s not drastic. It helps the skin adjust with fat reduction. Thus, it leaves you with fine-toned skin and a contoured body. 

The slow reduction process also seems like you lost the fat through exercise and dieting. Thus, if you fear stigma about having a cosmetic procedure, coolsculpting will shield you from shame. 

The Duration that the Results Will Last

Fat cells multiply from the existing cells. Thus, you can’t grow a fat layer without existing fat cells in the body. Coolsculpting eliminates all the fat cells in the treatment area. 

Coolsculpting results are permanent. There are minimal chances that the fat will reoccur in the future. However, that does not permit you to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. 

There are possibilities that you may get fat deposits in the treatment area. The leading cause of this obesity. If you gain weight beyond limits, some fat cells will creep back to the treated area. 

Some tips you may adopt to avoid a recurrence of fat deposits are a healthy diet and exercise. The two acts will help keep your calorie intake and burning in check. Also, you will get more energy to keep your body healthy. 

Tips to Improve Fat Reduction Results Speed

When you get to the point of seeking a cosmetic process to reduce fat, you desire to achieve results in the quickest time possible. Thus, you may obsess about seeing coolsculpting results quicker. 

There are a few tips you can apply to achieve your desired results in a reduced time. The first step is to remain hydrated. Water is necessary for the metabolism process. The body uses moisture in the body to flush out all waste from the body. After the fat cell dies, the body registers them as waste. Thus, it needs enough water to metabolize and eject them. 

Fruits and vegetables help speed up the process of metabolism. Thus, you should increase your intake. Ensure you use fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Lymphatic nodes play a role in the metabolism process. Thus, you should ensure they are in their best condition. You can improve their health through deep and slow breathing exercises. Also, physical exercise will help empty the lymphatic nodes. 

You can improve the functions of lymph nodes through dry brushing and reading sympathetic messages. Also, inverted [poses and yoga exercise helps the seamless flow of the lymphatic system.

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Are Touch-up Treatments Necessary?

Reaching your body goals can boost your confidence and esteem. Thus, some people come for touch-up treatments when the fat cells start to reoccur. However, the process may be unnecessary when you observe a healthy lifestyle.

Some patients may seek extra sessions to treat other areas. It ensures that their bodies are even and toned. Thus, touch-ups are not only meant for the treated areas only. 


Coolsculpting results are impressive. You should seek coolsculpting as an alternative to the surgical fat reduction methods; Coolsculpting gives you permanent results and value for your money. Seek consultation from your nearest coolsculpting clinic. The estheticians there will confirm to you all that we have told you here. 

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