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How should do curtain cleaning in Sydney and window treatments?

Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

The places we don’t see are some of the places we never think to sweep. When was the last time you looked at your window treatments, for example? I mean, looking at the fabric on those draperies and curtains. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a layer of dust and dirt on the surface that hasn’t been cleaned in years. If dust is left on a curtain for an extended period, it may ruin the fabric. Also, if someone in your home suffers from allergies, your curtains are behaving like a giant sponge, soaking up dust that aggravates allergies. These are two compelling reasons to learn how curtain cleaning in Sydney and window treatments and to begin prioritizing this vital cleaning activity.

Here’s all you need to know about curtain cleaning in Sydney so you can restore them to their original state, no matter how filthy they are.

Cleaning regularly

Try shaking your curtains in the sunshine to see how filthy they are. All of those stray particles should be swept up once a week. When you clean your house, make sure to shake the curtains to remove any dust that has accumulated throughout the week.

If you have a little more time, curtain cleaning in Sydney and window treatments with the vacuum’s dusting brush attachment. The brush will work to remove the buildup deep inside the fabric. To make it simpler, open the vacuum’s air valve so you don’t take the curtain off the rod!

Remove the dust on the top pleats or the top flat surface of the window treatment when shaking or vacuuming the curtains. You can do this by catching the settled dust with an extendable microfiber duster and removing it from the fabric.

Deeper cleaning

To remove a buildup of dust on your curtains, your dryer can help. Takedown the window treatments and just pop them in the dryer instead of having to wash and iron them. Use the warm air and gentle tumble settings of the dryer to toss the dust out of the curtain. Be sure to remove them before the dryer stops and hang them immediately – they will look as good as the day you installed them.

If you intend to curtain cleaning in Sydney, make sure they are machine washable first. If this is the case, use a mild soap, a gentle wash cycle, and a good steam iron. Place them in the dryer for a minute or two to warm up the fabric after washing them on the permanent press level. Remove them and hang them to make the wrinkles in the fabric fall out. Use a hot steam iron to refresh them.

If you want to kill mites, you can also steam them. There are some excellent canister steam cleaners on the market that allow you to direct the steam directly onto the hanging window treatment. While this is an effective way to destroy dust mites, you will also need to clean the fabric to remove the dust and dirt.

Cleaning services are available.

Take your custom window treatments to a local dryer cleaner who can clean them without using perc to ensure they don’t get damaged. Request that your dry cleaner cleans them with CO2. It’s just as effective, and it’s a lot better for everyone.

Mini blinds and fabric blinds collect a lot of dust as well. Include them in your cleaning routine. Check out our most recent blog for cleaning window blinds tips.

Follow these tips for curtain cleaning in Sydney and window treatments to keep your home cleaner and healthier, and to enjoy your beautiful window treatments for years to come. Clean Couches Sydney offering curtain cleaning services, also providing sofa and carpet cleaning services in Sydney, mattress cleaning, rug, and couch cleaning, and lounge cleaning services in Sydney at discountable prices.

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