How Podcasts Can help in Education and Development

In my humble view, there is currently very little in education and development that could be more emotive, more challenging and, more important than the role of podcasting in bringing voices to an otherwise silent Internet universe

I am a storyteller by profession, but to make a rather long story brief, I initially had the idea for the podcast, Poi Yen Poi, in 2010. I had done what could be described as popular tourism stories for a casting director at the time in New Zealand, but now I think it was mainly to get out of my comfort zone. and to see a bit of the world. This opened up a world that I never thought I would be able to get into — narrative storytelling. I had worked on short stories from my school days, with hopes of publishing one day. But this was a different animal, and on the whole — much more complex.

Podcasts in education

My first attempt at narration at a professional level — was with a Korean philosopher, Dr. Shin Jeon Pak — on his philosophical ideas in podcast form. It was for the New Zealand Media/Arts Council and what was called the ”Life and Death” project, celebrating the life of Dr. Pak. I was then asked by the Ministry of Education of New Zealand to re-interpret parts of Dr. Pak’s work, in an educational and contextual format. What was then produced was the first draft of the Poi Yen Poi podcast.

How podcasts can help student

I believed from the outset that one of the most important aspects of the podcast is that it needed to be educational in nature, and I don’t mean in the sense that a classroom full of children would need an educational Assignment Expert podcast to learn a little something. No, this is more along the lines of an educational podcast that a group of qualified teachers and educators anywhere, in any field, could use.

At the time, I wanted to make a podcast that would be revolutionary, because it would not be aimed at the standard mobile device listener with little or no background. This means that the most conservative of teachers could access it in their lesson plans, and be able to teach a whole school in less than five short minutes.

Podcasts Benefits, Features

This podcast features so many different voices. and breaks down so many boxes of daily living, that it is very rewarding to me as a producer and, with that comes a lightness of spirit that is not often experienced in other projects. If I had a chance to do this work again from now on, how I would change things so that I could maximize the educational benefits for our teachers and students? Of course, it would include more voices, more background and, about 20 more minutes of content at the end.

The reason why students use podcasts to their study and

  1. Listen whenever, wherever
  2. Podcasts make it easier for students to catch-up
  3. Listening might be better than watching or reading
  4. Priorities active learning in the classroom
  5. Podcasts help accommodate all learning styles
  6. Podcasts are the perfect revision tool
  7. Podcasts are easy to make and cost-effective

The benefits of podcasts:

Users can listen to them when they want and need to do so, lectures and interviews can be listened to at any time day or night; this form of broadcasting is more interactive than TV; they allow you to skip through unwanted content; podcasts are more convenient than having an entire library on your phone which you have to scroll through; it is easier than reading a book at times because the listener

How Podcasts help Students with their assignment writing

Podcasts are the best way to learn through listening. They are also a tool that can be used to help students with their assignment writing for any subject. Podcasts have made it possible for students to have access to the best teachers imaginable, anytime they want.

Podcasts are used as a resourceful tool for helping students with their assignment writing. Podcasts provide the opportunity to listen and learn from another person’s story and experiences, which can broaden your understanding of topics such as history, politics, science, culture, society, and more. This alternative form of learning also allows you to take in content at your own pace

Podcasts in Teaching

An existing Podcast to listen

Podcasts made for students are designed to be easily understandable, to make preparing for exams as pain-free as possible. For example, there’s nothing like a podcast by comedians to make physics interesting.

Repurpose lectures as podcasts

Getting distracted during a lecture is all too easy, especially if it’s 9 am on a Monday.

So being able to go back over lectures will be a life-saver for students who didn’t quite catch every word in the moment.

Record conversations with others

Enlist a colleague who also teaches your subject to have a discussion and record your conversation. Or you could get someone who knows nothing about your area and record yourselves as you explain key concepts to them. Check out these examples for inspiration on how to use this format to keep your listeners interested all the way through.

How Podcast help In my study’s

Last week I went to a counselor to discuss my grades. I had recently been suffering severe headaches and blackouts. Often, I would not know where I was and what happened the previous day. It was scary, I thought I was becoming like one of those people that suffer from Alzheimer’s. Most likely my grades weren’t any better either. The counselor told me that need a math homework helper who help in my study because I was suffering from insomnia. In fact, I was sleeping for about 30 hours a week. He went on to say that I would have faster results if I got myself a good pair of headphones. This intrigued me so I went to go get a pair.

I did not know how to choose between all the various headphones but. I settled on a pair of Shure headphones even though they looked very fancy and I had no idea of how they would help my case. As soon as I put my new headphones on and started listening to some music I was amazed. I had never heard the music so clearly before. It was amazing. I went home with the headphones and the next day I put the goji berry cookies in my iPod. I then listened to the cookies while I went to sleep that night. I had no idea what time I fell asleep. The next morning when I woke up, I did not have any headache. I took some virtual classes at the university and my grades started to get better

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