How Pedestrians Can Avoid Being Injured At Crosswalks?

Crosswalks are areas of the road where pedestrians have the right of way to cross. Unfortunately, the mere presence of a crosswalk does not guarantee an accident-free area. Intersections are one of the major accident-prone areas, regardless of a crosswalk. Drivers are rarely hurt during such accidents, but pedestrians can acquire life-threatening injuries. 


If you regularly cross the road at intersections, you need to be extra cautious and take preventative steps to avoid getting into an accident. In case you have already been injured, an accident lawyer can help you seek justice and recover injuries. 


Tips to avoid being injured at crosswalks


  • Follow the left-right-left rule. 


We are all aware of the left-right-left rule. Many people are taught this during their childhood by their parents and school teachers as well. Before crossing the road, it is important to first look on the left, then right, and then left once again. This makes sure that no vehicles are approaching the intersection. 


  • Do not assume drivers will stop. 


One of the very big reasons pedestrians get into accidents is that they assume drivers will stop and end up getting injured. Pedestrians generally have the right of way, but that does not mean drivers will stop exercising their rights. Drivers are not required to slow down every time they approach a crosswalk. Remain on the sidewalk until all the vehicles have stopped. 


  • Make them see you. 


One way to ensure safety is to make sure that the approaching driver sees you. Effective ways to do this are to make eye contact with them and wear bright clothing. Wearing colors that make you more visible between the chaos of the road can effectively prevent accidents. 


  • Obey traffic signs. 


Drivers are obligated to follow the traffic rules, but so do pedestrians. There are certain traffic signs for walkers, and you must move according to them for your safety. Make sure you cross the road only when you see the walk sign. 


  • Get rid of distractions. 


Say goodbye to your phone when walking on the road. Do not even check your smartwatch or plug in your headphones, as they also serve as distractions. You must always keep your head up and see what is approaching you, especially when crossing the road. 


  • Pay attention to the weather. 


As you may know, drivers experience poor visibility and have a harder time seeing pedestrians on the road in certain weather conditions, such as fog and rain. If it is raining, snowing, or foggy, make sure you are taking extra care as there are chances the driver cannot see you. 


Dealing with a road accident is never easy because, most of the time, they result in severely bad injuries. If you were involved in one, you have the right to ask for compensation. Seek an attorney to discuss your options. 


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