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How online learning is empowering students

Online learning continues to rise in popularity. One reason for this is that it empowers students to take control of their learning and switch careers. Here are a few of the ways students can use online learning to achieve their career goals and gain a customized qualification with minimal disruption to their busy lives.

Choosing their own specialty

There can be more choices of specialties with online degrees because fewer resources are needed. For example, campus learning would have a different tutor for each specialty and this would require a separate space for tutorials. However, online learning means no physical space is required. Data science is just one option which has several possible specialties and can lead to a career where your skills are in demand.

If you decide to enroll in an online Master’s in Data Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a program where you can customize your qualification, depending on your career goals. If you’re unsure exactly what roles you’re interested in or the right path for you, you can get expert support and guidance from their qualified staff to help you decide.

Set their own hours

Being able to set their own hours allows students to study online programs at times that suit them. There may be scheduled online learning and many degrees will involve a work placement within easy travel from home, but degrees where the coursework is 100% online increase the possibilities of being able to train for a new career.

Completing studies sooner

Further education at a brick-and-mortar university means following a more rigid timetable, and this can mean some students find the pace either too fast or too slow.

Online learning allows those who are struggling to spend more time on the areas they have problems with, while still having support from tutors and other professionals at the online university. For students who want to move on to the next part of the coursework, setting their own hours gives them the freedom to do this.

For online courses, this means it is possible to graduate sooner than would be expected on campus. Courses are tailored to online delivery, and specifically adapted to be suitable for this method of learning.

Allowing students to switch careers while demand is high

Customized online qualifications allow students to sign up for the courses which will lead to the most in-demand jobs in a specific industry. The remote part of learning allows many students to continue working, allowing them to fund their studies. Otherwise, they might have to save longer and miss the height of demand for certain roles.

Online learning removes many of the barriers to learning and switching careers, making it more accessible.

It might feel as though many jobs are insecure in today’s uncertain climate, however, by being able to take control of their future, people are finding that online learning has a range of benefits for their careers. Being able to specialize in the area that interests them the most is just one of the desirable parts of earning a qualification this way.

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