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How Often Can You Use Timeshare Vacation Rentals?

Have you been thinking about getting a timeshare vacation home? You think it would be nice to travel where you want to every single year.

Well, before you do get one, there are a few things you should take into consideration like how it works. You may also want an answer to the question ‘how often can you use a timeshare?’

For starters, not all timeshares are created equally. There are different types, and knowing about these first can help you make a decision about which one to go for since they all are used differently.

Keep reading to learn more about timeshare vacation rentals!

Fixed Week Timeshare

A fixed week timeshare means that you can only use your timeshare once a week each year. But you also don’t get to choose which week of the year you will use it depending on what’s going on for you that year. This could mean you could possibly miss out on it if something else comes up that year.

It’s “fixed” which means there is no flexibility to it. You will have access to the same timeshare (there is no choosing another property or a different location) on the same week of every single year.

Floating Week

A floating week is a much more flexible vacation rentals timeshare. Instead of having to go on the same week every year, you can choose which week you want to go. Maybe one year you go over Christmas and the next you go over summer.

This is great with the added flexibility, however, it can be difficult to choose the week you want because of the competition of other people choosing as well.

You can use this timeshare calendar to help you figure out when you want to stay at the timeshare property.

Points System

One of the newer ways for vacation timeshare owners to rent them out is through a points system.

In this case, you get points based on how many stays and the length of time you have spent at the resort to “spend” on the timeshare. You can spend these at different resort locations and timing also doesn’t matter for this type of timeshare rental.

However, this can create the competition for dates and places once again. It is best to choose your week and book it at least a year in advance.

Timeshare Vacation Rentals

There are different types of timeshare vacation rentals that you can choose from if you choose to invest in a timeshare. Knowing the different types can help you choose which one fits your lifestyle the best.

Need flexibility? You shouldn’t choose a fixed week.

Do you want to try out different locations? You may want to look into timeshares with a points system.

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