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How Much Does It Cost For A Partial Denture?

Tooth loss is a common oral health issue in the United States. And not choosing to restore your lost tooth can lead to some serious oral health problems. Lost tooth restorations not only save you from oral health complications but also give you back your full, bright smile.

To help you restore your smile, dentures and partials are among the most popular teeth restoration options.

So, how much does a partial denture cost?


Understanding Partial Dentures

A partial denture is one of the two types of dentures used as a removable replacement for your missing teeth. You can opt for this procedure when you lose some of your teeth. This procedure also equips you with proper functionality and aesthetics, which you missed when you lost some of your teeth.


How much do dentures and partials cost?

When it comes to teeth restoration, dentures are one of the most budget-savvy options. This procedure costs less than $2,000. But its cost depends on multiple factors, such as your dentist’s location, lab charges, and the material you choose. Furthermore, the cost is lower when more missing teeth have to be restored and higher for less missing teeth treatment. You should also expect some add-ons at the price while prepping your mouth for dentures. For example, in some cases, the dentist may find an underlying oral problem that has to be treated. He or she will likely suggest you get it done before your denture application. Thus, increasing your total cost.


Partial Dentures Cost

As said earlier, the cost for partial dentures changes for each material. A resin base partial denture cost is $1,500, while flexible partial dentures can cost you around $1,700. Metal partial dentures provide significant strength and are hard to rupture. However, their cost is slightly on a higher-end, at approximately $2,000. The most affordable dentures and partials’ are interim dentures. You can get them for only $7,000. But this type of partial dentures is typically considered as a temporary solution. You should replace them with a most long-lasting prosthesis or dental implant.


Please note that partial dentures may come with additional charges, such as adhesives and cleaning materials. Furthermore, we have not included the cost of other standard procedures needed for partial dentures. Some of the most common required procedures for prosthesis include teeth extraction, dental exams, X-rays, tissue conditioning, and denture adjustment. 

For better cost estimates, talk to your dentist about the cost and payment options.  



The cost you need to pay for partial dentures depends on the material you choose, the number of missing teeth, other teeth’ condition, and prep time required. Partial dentures are designed as per each patient’s unique dental needs. Though cost is a significant concern, making a health-related decision based on the only price is not a good idea. Many other aspects should also be kept in mind. Consider this treatment as an investment rather than an expense. This treatment ensures you return your full, bright smile. Call us today, and we will guide you through the process of dentures and give you cost estimates. We also help our patients by checking their insurance plans and offer discounts to make necessary treatments within your means.

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