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How Micro ATM – A Bank in Box is Fulfilling Rural Banking Service needs

Studies show there are around 134 crore residents in India who belong to rural areas and only 5% of the rural areas have ATMs which means there are many rural people who are not getting any ATM facilities in their areas. We all understand how important it is for any individual to have easy access to banking facilities especially keeping in mind the goal of Digitization of India. This shortage of ATM machines in rural areas has led to new business opportunities where fintech organizations are onboarding local retail shops, mobile shops, distributors by giving them the opportunity to multiply their income significantly using their current customer base.

The Micro ATM machine is a smaller, hand held, portable version of an ATM. It can perform the following functions:

  1. Cash Withdrawal Using a Debit Card
  2. Balance Inquiry
  3. Can be used as a Swipe Machine for accepting payments from customers.

The Micro ATM machine enables door to door banking, providing customers with a last mile banking solution. As the country aims to achieve its vision of being a digital economy, Mini ATMs play a very crucial role in improving the reach of banking operations by connecting the services to the rural areas of the country. Mini ATM machines aims to remove the gap between a customer and their financial needs.

The Micro or Mini ATM machine price is very cost-effective and easy to operate. The micro ATM machine has become an additional source of income to the partners. A customer can withdraw any amount from Rs. 100 to Rs. 10,000, in multiples of Rs.10. The retailer earns an attractive commission on every transaction and can make upto Rs.50,000 monthly by purchasing a Micro ATM at a meagre cost. The retailer receives the commission on real-time basis after every transaction.

Benefits of Micro ATM machines:

  • The Micro ATM Business requires no extra setup, and is an excellent additional source of income.
  • Micro ATM Machine accepts all Debit cards, be it Chip & Pin or Magnetic Swipe or NFC* (Near Field Communication).
  • High income along with Minimal investment.
  • Get Maximum Utilization of the cash at available at the store.
  • After the transaction is completed a payment receipt is produced, which can be printed or shared with the customer directly via email or Whatsapp.
  • An increase in the number of customers visiting the store .
  • Convert Your Store into an ATM

You can buy a Mini ATM machine from the website of fintech companies who provide a large bouquet of such services and are ready to provide customer support in case of any problems. The micro atm machine at Biznext is very affordable as compared to other companies. You can buy the machine and download the app on your smartphone, fill in all the details and get started with your business. The platform is completely secured.

Mini ATM machine seems like a win-win as it is an excellent business opportunity. Micro ATMs are fulfilling the banking needs in rural areas by providing the banking facilities and helping in improving the country’s growth to the grass root level and accelerating India towards becoming a digitalized economy.

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