How many devices can use Hotstar premium?

Hotstar premium

You can use your Hotstar Premium subscription in various devices. In this article, we want to share all about the Hotstar Premium services. And as well as you will get aware of several different functions of the Hotstar Premium subscription. 

But first of let’s know something about the Hotstar. Hotstar is an Indian OTT platform where you can watch all your favorite shows in several languages. In the United States of America, it is like an alternative to Netflix. Here you watch various new and old web series, movies, tv shows at their time, live sports, and other Hotstar content. 

You can sign up for free and watch several shows without spending money. But if you join Hotstar VIP or premium then you need to pay for them. Hotstar gives you a free week trial of Hotstar Premium where you can watch your favorite shows without paying anything. And once you find some interest in the Hotstar Premium then it is up to you to pay or not. 

Hotstar is changing its technology on a daily basis for providing the best experience to its every customer. And the new feature in the Hotstar Premium is, you can use your Hotstar premium subscription in various devices simultaneously. 

Here we will share how this function evolves gradually and what is its currents functioning. 

How it was working on different devices:

A few before the shareable feature was not working correctly. Customers were used to downloading their premium shows and then switch off their internet connection during watch that downloaded show on different devices. 

 In simple, if you want to watch your premium shows on the other devices you need to download that first and then watch that on another device. As well as keep off your internet while watching that particular video.

This is a kind of annoying thing that needed to be solved.

How the current version works: 

Now you watch all your premium shows on different devices like in your phone, tv, laptop, etc.

As well as you can watch that on different devices at the same time. 

Means if you are using your Hotstar premium on your TV. then at the same time, you can use that on your phone as well. It is just like Netflix. Now you can see how easy and effective to use your subscription now.

Your entertainment should not interrupt in case, and this is the main motive of the Hotstar.

So avail your free season and then watch how it works. I have been a member of the Hotstar premium for a few years.  And I have been got a tremendous and entertaining experience from the Hotstar Premium subscription plan.

Redeem your Hotstar Premium Coupon Code:  

So if you have made your mood for buying your Hotstar premium then go with Hotstar coupon code for the US.  Here you can get 15% off in your every coupon purchase. Hotstar coupon is the best way to save some money and watch your shows as well.


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